tiny house plans winter sale

Winter Sale: Only 10 days left to save over 20%

Now’s your chance to get the Tiny Project Complete Tiny House Construction Plans for under $200! Not ready to start building, but want to see some more photos? No problem! Our 62 page PDF Photo Book is on sale too (Just $5.99)! The Winter Sale ends on January 31st, so you’ve got just 10 days left to get this deal. Once done, the plans will go back their normal $250 price.


In-depth Video Interview with Go Downsize

Thank you Maria and Morton of GoDownsize.com for this very personal, real-life portrait of our life in a tiny house. They were both a lot of fun to talk to about living small and going through the downsizing process (they’re doing the same as well, so cheers to that!). It was a pleasure! Enjoy the video… If you are interested in getting the tour of the house, you can go to 24:26 in the video, where Alek shows us around. The house is so beautiful and well thought through in every way. You can see the house and meet them […]

You have too much shit book giveaway

“You Have Too Much Shit” downsizing self-help book Givaway!

If you’ve been on Facebook or any other social media recently, you may have seen Chris Thomas’s hilarious yet pragmatic little downsizing self-help book entitled “You Have Too Much Shit.” Despite being able to download to PDF and other digital versions for free, I couldn’t help but buy a few printed copies. Why (besides the fact that a printed book is always more fun than digital)? Because it’s high time for another giveaway! Read on below to enter… The book paperback book starts out with: William Morris famously said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to […]

OMG Pee Jar

Let’s Talk About Pee and Poop!

I try not to look at comments too much (especially not on youtube!), but with our Faircompanies video tour and interview getting a lot of views, I couldn’t help myself. There were a lot of positive comments and of course some really nasty ones too. But what I found most interesting was the sheer number of comments about the now infamous “pee jar” or “poop bucket.” The most popular comments all when something like this: “OMG, a pee jar in the loft. That’s so gross. That guy is a terrible person.” Yes, a pee jar. That’s correct. I have a […]


Watch our Tiny House Video Tour and Interview by Faircompanies.com

Today is a very special day and we couldn’t be more excited! Anjali and I are so incredibly appreciative of Kirtsten for spending the time filming at our house, and for all the hours of editing needed to create this wonderful 23 minutes video tour of our tiny home. Thank you, Kirsten! She got us talking about all kinds of great topics, and we LOVE the way it turned out! For those of you who haven’t seen Kirsten’s work, she’s amassed a HUGE number of AMAZING videos on tiny houses, alternative living, self-sufficiency, DIY projects, etc. Check out her website […]

top 10 must have tiny house tools

Top 10 Must Have Tiny House Tools

In my experience, building a tiny house requires a lot of things: it requires creativity and determination; It takes willingness and motivation to learn and try, to fail, to problem solve, and continue; It takes patience. Those are the intangibles. What else does it take? The proper tools are essential! It’s hard to know how important some of these things are until you realize the hard way (by wasting a lot of time!) how much energy and frustration a good tool can save you. So, without further ado, here are my top 10 must have tiny house tools. In almost […]

Music City Tiny House

Viewpoints: The Tiny House Movement is NOT About Cheap Houses

Today I read a blog post by a fellow tiny houser that really hit home with me . We all have different reasons for going tiny, but for me, this author’s comments were SPOT ON! I feel the same way but have yet to say it as clearly. I knew I had to share. I know this my upset a few people, but when I think of MY reasoning behind building a tiny house and MY life goals, I have to agree: The Tiny House Movement is NOT About Cheap Houses In this great blog post, the owners of the […]


Tiny House Inspiration: Visit to Vina’s tiny house in Ojai!

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of touring Vina’s beautiful tiny home in Ojai, CA. Vina’s house has long been an inspiration of mine. I’ve always thought of it as quite simply the most beautiful tiny house I’d ever seen (in pictures on the internet, of course). But now I can say it really is the most beautiful tiny house I’ve ever seen in person! Vina’s attention to detail and simple, clean, minimalist style sets her and her house apart from all others I’ve seen. I have to say that after seeing her house in person (finally!), my impressions […]

EdgeStar 2.0 Cu. Ft. FastDry Ventless Washer Dryer Combo

Tiny House Laundry: Edgestar washer/dryer combo review

When it comes to ideal use of my time, I think the last place I’d want to spend half a day is at the laundromat. That’s why we at the Tiny Project decided to squeeze a combo washer/dryer unit into our tiny house floorplans. I’ve talked before about tiny house laundry options, but now I’d like to go into more detail about the specific washer/dryer combo that we’ve now been using for almost a year: the Edgestar 2.0 Cu. Ft. FastDry Ventless Washer Dryer Combo (CWD1510) First, Cost This Edgestar unit is more expensive than the cheap and/or manual washing […]