My tiny house plans

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The Tiny Project house is built on a heavy-duty 8×20 foot trailer (with 3 feet added to the back for the porch). The house features 10 windows (including several large, south-facing windows, for passive solar gain) and an all-glass door. I took a no-compromise approach to opening up the small interior space to the outdoors, to feel less claustrophobic and more connected to my surroundings.

The house will have fold-up roof overhangs to shade windows from mid-day summer sun, and will also include a fold-down deck.

The house was designed with SketchUp. These renderings represent design of the house quite well, but to get an even better idea of what the house looks like, please browse photo gallery and the blog. Every step of the process has be documented.

Tiny house construction plans are also available to build a house of your own to the same specs as the house featured on this site.

Some amenities/appliances include:

  • Shower, kitchen sink, and small bathroom sink, all with propane on-demand hot water
  • Marine-style 2-burner propane stove and oven
  • Counter-height refrigerator/freezer
  • Home-made composting toilet
  • Highly efficient electric convection heater
  • Combo washer/dryer unit
  • Exhaust fan for odor and moisture control

Construction features include:

  • Efficient fiberglass, double-pane, low-E coated, argon filled windows
  • High R-value closed-cell spray foam insulation
  • Rainscreen exterior cladding for improved moisture control
  • Metal roof and unique cedar/metal exterior siding
  • Highly efficient LED and compact fluorescent lighting
  • Use of sustainably sourced items and efficient use of materials to minimize construction impact.

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Tiny House floorplans

South/East View


Tiny House plans

South/West View


Tiny House on trialer plans

North View

Tiny Project Tiny House Construction Plans

Tiny Project Construction Plans Now Available for Sale!

We’re excited that we are now able to offer complete construction plans for the Tiny Project house! Plans include almost 40 pages of detailed diagrams and images, allowing you to build to the same specifications as the original Tiny Project house.

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Author: Alek Lisefski

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