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Stories from the inside — Part II

I am a “pile-er,” (“piler?”). Definition: One who creates piles of current, or semi-current task items, rather than putting said items back on shelves, in cupboards, etc. Born and raised to bonafide piler parents, I learned through observation, then adopted the behavioral habit as my own. You see, I am fanatic about maintaining a clean living space (most of the time), but clean is different than tidy. I’ll scrub the walls, the floors, the surfaces; I’ll sweep at least once a day, I’ll vacuum, I’ll change the sheets regularly. I do this because I love the way a clean home […]

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Stories from the inside — Part I

Alek has offered such a stellar description of the practical and structural components of building and living in a tiny house over the life of this grand blog. I couldn’t help but title my own contribution: “stories from the inside,” given that I will be exposing a bit more of the “inner life” of tiny house living (not to mention I’m in graduate school for counseling psychology, and have a boundless interest in the ‘inside experience’ of human beings in general). There is so much I could say, but to begin, I’ll tell you that living in this beautiful house […]


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