Progress Update: ordered Mac-Lander trailer!

Another major step in getting closer to starting my tiny house build: I placed and order for a custom trailer today! The manufacturer I ordered from is Mac-Lander. I want to use as many local products as possible, and Mac-Lander is just a very short drive from me, in Milton, IA. For anyone interested, another good Iowa manufacturer is Stateside Trailers. I would have used them, as they were helpful in answering my questions via email, but they are farther from me (SW Iowa) and needed 5 weeks instead of 4 to get the trailer built. Update: It turns out […]


BAM! It’s a truck!

Hello F250 Super-Duty, welcome to The Tiny Project family. I never thought I’d own something so hideously large and powerful, but I guess it’s time to get the right tools for the job. This puppy can tow! Thanks to countless hours of Craigslist browsing, I’ve found myself a good deal on this 3/4 ton, v8 beast. Already insured, soon to be registered, and we’re off to the races!

Natural wool installation

Tiny House Insulation: Efficiency vs. Health

For most of my design/planning process I have been pretty sold on using closed-cell spray foam insulation. Now I’m reconsidering, and wanting go with a more natural alternative if possible. Closed-cell Spray Foam Closed-cell spray foam costs more than most other types of insulation (and has to be installed by a professional – so doesn’t jive with a lot of tiny house builders’ DIY thinking), but it has so many benefits: Efficiency – highest R-value per square inch of any insulation material (approx R6-8/inch – great for use in the narrow 2×4 walls most tiny home builders use to maximize […]

click to enlarge - custom bracket diagram

Tiny House Trailer Specs and Mods

I’m shopping for trailer quotes from manufacturers in Iowa, and realizing it’s somewhat difficult to convey exactly what I need. For anyone interested, here’s my list of desires in a custom trailer. Dual-axel, flatbed Total width (including wheels) of 8 feet – frame/deck width approx 82″ 20 foot long deck (or 22′ or 24′) 10,000 or more GVWR (2 5k+ axles) Electric breaks and lights Drop-axel for approx. 18″ deck height (instead of standard 20″-24″) No dovetail, ramps, side rails, or any other features (wood decking is even optional) Now here’s the tricky part, something I realize I may have […]


Tiny House Moisture Control

In planning my tiny house, another issue I am facing is how to deal with moisture control. The biggest moisture source will be hot showers, but cooking (especially with a propane stove) can also add moisture to the air in the house. Not knowing where my final destination/climate will be, I need to make precautions to avoid future mold/mildew problems. In the mild seasons I can prevent too much moisture build-up by simply cracking a window or two (always a good idea when cooking with propane, anyway). I plan to get as much light and air into the house as […]


2013 Tiny House Workshops & Events

Going to a tiny house workshop is the best way to learn all of the ins and outs of tiny houses, the problems you may face when building/living in one, and options for construction and systems design. Last fall, I had the pleasure of attending a workshop lead by Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings. I plan to attend more if I can. Maybe you’ll see me at one of the events below! Here are some upcoming tiny house workshops and events in 2013: Portland Alternative Dwellings February 23th & 24th (stats in just a few days!) April 27th & […]


2/21 Weekly Link Roundup

Maybe I’ll start a weekly link list…we shall see. Here’s a roundup of some great tiny house links from this week (or so). Vincent at TinyHouseTalk gives a fantastic overview of the design process. Colin’s Coastal Cabin is a big hit! So many beautiful tiny homes on Tiny House Swoon Absolutely brilliant tiny house solar roof. Great space-saving ladder and stair designs. Brand new tiny house for sale.

Neighborhood Inspiration

On my daily dog walk, I see some fantastic examples of modern architecture here is the Newlands neighborhood of Boulder. Within just 4 or 5 blocks are countless inspirations made with wood and aluminum, clean lines and eye-catching angles, interesting materials and impeccable details. Below is a sampling of what I see on a regular basis. With all of this great design to draw on, I’m aiming high with my own plans — seeking a modern yet cozy appearance for my tiny home-to-be.   Do you have a favorite source of inspiration? Share it in the comments below!