Parking Space / Host Needed

The Tiny Project house is our attempt to live a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life, and in doing so help to set an example and educate the community about alternative, affordable, more sustainable ways of living.

We’re relocating to Austin, TX, and looking for new place to park! We have a few simple needs in order to live in our tiny house. Please continue reading below for more details about our needs and what we can offer in return.

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Desired Location

Our ideal parking spot would be as close to downtown Austin as possible, in a quiet residential neighborhood, preferably within biking distance to groceries and another amenities in town. We are open to any location in the Austin area, either tucked in a back yard somewhere, or in a emerging tiny house community.

Desired “move-in” date

Our current parking situation is on soft earth, so we will no longer be able to move once rainy season starts. We’re looking to to start our move by November 1st at the latest, before winter rains.

Who We Are

Alek Lisefski


Alek is a freelance web designer and tiny house enthusiast (duh!). He’s most at home trekking through the wilderness and is passionate about connecting people to the earth and to their wild, natural, loving selves. He designed an built the tiny project house in 2013, and has been happily living in it for 2 years so far.


Lee is happiest living outdoors and being in nature. She is full of love an compassion for friends, family, and the earth, and strives to bring greater love into the world, whenever she goes. She gives back to her community by providing low-cost legal services to those in need.



Anya is quite possibly the cutest shiba inu ever. She is 9 years old (no longer a crazy puppy), so she’s mellow and really much more like a cat than a dog. Due to the nature of her breed, she’s always kept on leash, unless in a fully-fenced yard.

What’s this tiny house?

The house is 8×20 feet and permanently attached to a heavy-duty flat bed trailer. (total dimensions approx 8.5×26′). It can potentially be moved anytime, but we’re hoping to find a nice place to stay put for a while. The house is finished with beautiful cedar siding, and would make a great addition to any yard or neighborhood. Browse the blog, or just ask, and we can send you many more pictures!

Tiny Project Tiny House

Tiny house on wheels

Tiny Project Living Area

Tiny Project Living Area


Tiny Project Kitchen

Above are some pictures of the the completed house in its current Sebastopol location.

Just like a normal house, our tiny house has electricity and plumbing. One thing that it does not have, however is black water or sewage. So that we don’t need a connection to a sewage system, we plan to compost all our waste. This process is 100% safe and effective. Many more details can be provided upon request.

What we need

Our ideal situation would be for someone with a good sized yard or piece of land to host us as neighbors in their backyard, or allow us to use their land to park our house. We would love to become part of a community and happy to contribute to improve the area in which we live. Aside from some nice people who love the tiny house concept and want to help us out, we need a few specific things:

  • Simple water hose hookup for fresh water into the house
  • Standard 110 volt extension cord hookup to power the house (from the main house or existing utilities)
  • A place in which we can build a french drain or other on-site graywater filtration/drainage (or a tree we can water!)
  • A very small corner of the yard for a simple, well-maintained compost pile
  • Broadband internet router to which I can connect a cat-5 cable (from the router in the main house, back to the tiny house, as wifi most likely won’t reach that far)

What we can offer

  • Money to cover water and electrical utility use
  • Monthy rent payment TBD
  • Possible help with gardening / yard work / House / Pet / Child care
  • Other work/trade or barter agreement for web design or other service

Community environment we’d like to create or be a part of

  • Cultivating more connection, taking a step away from individualism
  • Vibrant, diverse house/land with some tenants in the 25-40 age range
  • Living with intention, consciousness, reverence and good communication
  • Focus on healthy living; quality food; active outdoor lifestyle

Contact UsInterested in hosting us or creating community?

Contact MeInterested in hosting us or creating community?

Author: Alek Lisefski