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Placement of walls/plumbing

Progress Update: Subfloor Framing Done!

It’s been a while since my last post, and that’s for good reason: now that I have all the materials I need to get started, I’ve been busy building instead of blogging! Over the past week I’ve accomplished a lot: I moved the trailer into its indoor location, propping it up on jack stands and leveling it. I received a huge lumber order with 2by’s, plywood and all the other various odds and ends needed for framing. I measured, cut and fit all subfloor framing pieces and screwed them together, pre-drilling each hole. I then took off the framing (assembled […]

Neighborhood Inspiration

On my daily dog walk, I see some fantastic examples of modern architecture here is the Newlands neighborhood of Boulder. Within just 4 or 5 blocks are countless inspirations made with wood and aluminum, clean lines and eye-catching angles, interesting materials and impeccable details. Below is a sampling of what I see on a regular basis. With all of this great design to draw on, I’m aiming high with my own plans — seeking a modern yet cozy appearance for my tiny home-to-be.   Do you have a favorite source of inspiration? Share it in the comments below!