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trim detail

Corners and other trim, plus…roofing is almost done!

Hello everyone! I’m back with more great progress on the Tiny Project house. Here’s what happened this week. As soon as I got my siding other trim pieces, I began installing those right away. Fascia boards went up first to prepare for the roofing process, and then I started with some corners and trim around the my outdoor storage box. This took a lot of attention to detail and careful cutting. Little did I know at the time, that most (or, in some cases, all) of the beautiful fascia would be covered up by roof flashing pieces. To help speed […]

North wall

Electrical almost done + finally starting roofing and siding!

More good progress on the Tiny Project house this past week. Thanks to a very long day of work from a great local electrician (and now friend), Brian, we’ve got almost all of the electrical work done. You may remember from near the beginning of the process that I put many of the wires in the floor, so getting everything hooked up now was lot easier since we didn’t need to run many new wires through the walls. The most complicated part was probably wiring the 3 tripple-gang switch boxes, including 4 3-way switches. But thankfully I left all that […]


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