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Panasonic FV-08WQ1 WhisperWall 70 CFM Wall Mounted Fan

Panasonic Whisperwall Exhaust Fan Product Review

First off, let me say that having an exhaust fan in your tiny house is a must! They are not at all expensive in the grand scheme of things, are fairly easy to install, and will help you in many ways: Reduce/eliminate any bathroom odor from composting toilet Reduce/eliminate any water vapor build-up in the bathroom/house during or after showing Exhaust cooking fumes (and water vapor) created by propane stove Help circulate air throughout the house (helps to cool down loft with loft window open) It is especially necessary to have a means of moisture control in a house like […]


Tiny House Moisture Control

In planning my tiny house, another issue I am facing is how to deal with moisture control. The biggest moisture source will be hot showers, but cooking (especially with a propane stove) can also add moisture to the air in the house. Not knowing where my final destination/climate will be, I need to make precautions to avoid future mold/mildew problems. In the mild seasons I can prevent too much moisture build-up by simply cracking a window or two (always a good idea when cooking with propane, anyway). I plan to get as much light and air into the house as […]