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The Tiny Project now on Pinterest and Houzz

Looking for more ways to connect and for great images to feed your tiny house obsession? We’re now on Pinterest and Houzz Both of these are great platforms to save and comment on images to help create a vision for your own future tiny house! Please connect with us at whichever platform you prefer and help share our photos with your followers. Happy pinning!

Details, details, details...

Subfloor utilities photo documentation

The subfloor gets foamed first thing Wednesday morning. Before everything is covered up, never to be seen again, I wanted to document it. This way, if I need to be reminded of where the pipes and wires are (so I don’t screw or saw into them later), I’ve got it all mapped out. I took a bunch of very distorted photos and then painstaking adjusted for perspective and lined them up as good as I could. Makes for a pretty interested image. Enjoy!