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Looking back

Wall panels done! – ready for cedar siding.

All the metal wall panels are now in place, along with the various “C” and “Z” flashings needed around windows and the vertical and horizontal edges of the metal. On each long wall of the house, 8 of the 20 feet is covered with a vertical band of metal roofing material in order to break up what I think would be too much cedar monotony without. I really love the way it looks! It’s a great modern/industrial compliment to the warm-toned cedar siding that will cover the rest of the house. It was much more work than expected getting each […]

trim detail

Corners and other trim, plus…roofing is almost done!

Hello everyone! I’m back with more great progress on the Tiny Project house. Here’s what happened this week. As soon as I got my siding other trim pieces, I began installing those right away. Fascia boards went up first to prepare for the roofing process, and then I started with some corners and trim around the my outdoor storage box. This took a lot of attention to detail and careful cutting. Little did I know at the time, that most (or, in some cases, all) of the beautiful fascia would be covered up by roof flashing pieces. To help speed […]


Roofing Detail Illustrations

I was recently asked by my rep at Carroll Supply about the exact sizes of each roof section that required metal roofing. I had given him approximations before, but with the supplier willing to cut the pieces to size, now I needed them exact. After some careful measurements and basic math (a²+b²=c²), I came up with the following measurements and illustrations. (note that these also show a few minor changes to the length of the both the middle fold-up roof section and to the deck). 1 – Main Roof 22′ 2″ x 8′ 4 11/16″ 2 – Entry Door Overhang […]


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