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Wrapped up a like a package

Happy birthday to me! Well, no, it’s not my birthday. But I’m looking at a nice big (er, tiny?) package of awesomeness in front of me that will soon be a house. I’ve adding blocking in between roof rafters on each end of the house and in the center to support the seam in the sheathing pieces above. I’ve got the roof sheathing done. There were some minor issues with the first few pieces not being perfectly square, so there was a bit of cutting to compensate. The end result turned out well. Then with a little help, I got […]


Wall sheathing done! Woo!

It’s been another busy few days! Those of you who follow me on facebook may know that since the last post I already had a good start on the wall sheathing. Well now I’m happy to report that it’s done! Sheathing the walls took a lot more work than I expected. Mostly this is due to my design and the challenges of working almost entirely alone. There was not a single piece of plywood used for sheathing that did not need be cut before putting it up. All pieced along the bottom need notches cut for the trailer brackets that […]