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Foamy foam foam! (a closed-cell miracle)

This last week was a great one. In preparation for having spray foam installed this weekend, I had a few odds and ends to wrap up before they were forever locked in. I tested all switches and outlets to make sure my electrical system was solid. I also added some blocking to give myself more surface area to screw into when installing kitchen cabinets, shelving, and my wall-mounted bathroom hand sink. Once done I did my best to document the electrical and plumbing systems with the following photos.   The exterior of the house got that much closer to finished […]

Details, details, details...

Subfloor utilities photo documentation

The subfloor gets foamed first thing Wednesday morning. Before everything is covered up, never to be seen again, I wanted to document it. This way, if I need to be reminded of where the pipes and wires are (so I don’t screw or saw into them later), I’ve got it all mapped out. I took a bunch of very distorted photos and then painstaking adjusted for perspective and lined them up as good as I could. Makes for a pretty interested image. Enjoy!

Sketch of South wall framing

Progress update: trailer, systems design, indoor build space & materials quotes

The past couple of weeks have been very busy, though I haven’t started building yet. Here’s what’s happened in Tiny Project land: Trailer I visited Mac-Lander in Milton, IA to see my trailer as it was being constructed and to discuss a few options to complete it with my desired modifications. We decided on the addition of 3 feet of steel frame off the rear of the trailer so that the lights can be moved to the back and will not be covered by a cantilevered porch overhang. They will also be adding some custom brackets (as discussed here) to […]