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Tiny Project Photo Book

Photo Book Now Available!

We’re super happy to be offering a comprehensive photo book for the Tiny Project! This book includes 62 pages of photos, almost 200 images in total. It covers the entire construction process, from start to finish, including: Trailer Details Subfloor Construction Electrical & Plumbing Wall framing Sheathing & Housewrap Window installation Rainscreen Details Fascia & Roofing Insulation Cedar Siding & Metal Cladding Plywood Walls & Painting Flooring Appliances/Fixtures Cross-country Moving/Travel Completed House Photos We’re offering both a PDF version and a printed version from Blurb.com This book is a great companion piece to the Tiny Project Construction Plans. The book […]


Completed house photos!

Below you will find a large set of photos of both the interior and exterior of the finished house. Unlike some other tiny house photos you may see elsewhere on the itnerwebs, these photos have been taken of our house that has now been lived in full-time for over a month by myself, my girlfriend and our small dog. I certainly cleaned and tidied up a lot, but this is what a real lived-in tiny house actually looks like, not a just-finished showroom piece. Enjoy! (click thumbnail images to view a full-size) Interior Photos Exterior Photos Unless otherwise noted, a […]