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2015 Tiny House Survey

Now’s your chance to participate in the 2015 Tiny House Survey

Some time ago, the first tiny house survey provided great information about current and potential tiny house dwellers. Now, for 2015, Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life has put together a brand new survey (bigger and better than ever) with the hopes of capturing all kinds of useful data about tiny house preferences, lifestyles, and goals. Here’s your chance to (anonymously) share your motivations, preferences and desires — to tell the world what tiny living means to you! I’ve already completed the survey myself, and I invite you to do the same. The survey is included here for your convenience. […]

less House more Life

What I believe about tiny houses [IMAGE]

I believe that for our future housing to be sustainable it needs to return to human scale. Our homes should include what we need to feel comfortable on a daily basis, but not more. Less space means less stuff — fewer things to clean, to maintain, to fix. All this means more time for introspection, gardening, getting back to the simple things in life. A goal of mine is for this smaller dwelling to encourage me to be outdoors, to connect with my neighbors, and to foster collaborative, supportive community. It also acts as a reminder that any of us […]


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