The Tiny Project would like to give a big shout out to our sponsors listed below. These companies have offered discounted prices, and in some cases, free expert help.

Please join them and help support this project by donating or discounting your materials or expertise. Your support is greatly appreciated, and will make independent, debt-free living possible for me.

If you choose to become a sponsor (whether large or small), an image/link to your company will be included here.

Thank you Ben at Carroll Supply for working with me on such a small, unusual project, and offering discounts on windows & a complete materials package.

Thank you Gary of Tiny House Systems for generous donation of electrical diagrams and consulting.

Thank you Ryan at Sustainable Lumber Company for discounted beetle kill blue stain pine T&G paneling.

Thank you Green Building Supply for discounted bamboo flooring.

Thank you John at Mac-Lander for matching competitor pricing and for custom bracket welding.

Thank you Jim Belilove of Creative Edge for use of indoor warehouse space.

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