The best tiny house trailer manufacturers & how to choose

Choosing the right trailer to start your tiny house build is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

When I started my house there was no such thing as a tiny house trailer. I had to design my own modification to a traditional flatbed trailer. However, that’s not the case anymore. Countless trailer manufacturers have started making tiny house trailers, hoping to make a buck or two off the tiny house craze.

But not all tiny house trailers are created equally! Make sure you get a trailer by a manufacturer who has been building tiny house trailers for years, and has had time to perfect their design to offer the best possible product. Do your homework and read reviews of any companies you choose to buy from.

Here are a couple of the most important specifications to pay attention to, assuming all manufacturers have properly engineered framing and required safety features in place (brakes, light, etc):

  • Example of highly rated trailer tire — always get a spare too!

    Number of axles, weight rating of each axle, and total GVWR – it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to get a trailer with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) that is more the anticipated weight of your finished house. Overestimate by 20% because guessing too low could ruin the entire project! Also make sure the tires that the manufacturer includes on the trailer are rated for the weight they will be carrying.

  • Deck height, axle type, and subfloor type – some trailers use drop-axles to reduce deck height. Some are designed for the subfloor to be built into the trailer frame, while others are designed to be built on top of. There are pros and cons of each (a later blog post) but make sure the trailer you get will work with your tiny house plans.

Below are 4 tiny house trailer manufacturers that I know to be very good at what they do. This is a good starting point in determining which one to choose.

Tiny House Basics

Tiny House Basics has made a name for itself as one of the most popular trailer manufacturers, claiming to be the #1 source for tiny house trailers in both the USA and Canada.

Mention “Tiny Project” when you request a quote and you’ll get $200 off your trailer purchase!

Tiny House Basics has five manufacturing locations and can deliver to all 50 states plus all Canadian provinces!

Tiny Home Builders

Dan Louche is one of these most trusted names in the tiny house world, and has been building tiny house trailers longer than anyone. Tiny Home Builders trailers are time-tested and are sure to be a solid foundation for your tiny house on wheels.

Request a quote here and get a free trailer lock ($245 retail value) with your trailer purchase!

Tiny Home Builders has 4 manufacturing locations to serve the entire country.

Iron Eagle

Iron Eagle is also one of the first tiny house trailer manufacturers, using a trailer designed in part by the amazing Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings. Like Tiny House Builders, their trailers have been used on countless successful tiny house builds over the years.

Iron Eagle is located in Portland, OR, and also has dealers in Olympia Washington, California, Idaho, and Nevada.

Trailer Made

Trailer Made is also quickly establishing itself as one of the go-to manufacturers for tiny house trailers. They offer a lifetime warranty on their chasis and offer all the features you want and need.

Trailer Made is located in Denver, CO and has manufacturing facilities all over the country for delivery anywhere!

Other Considerations

The size and type of trailer you choose (and the house you build on it) will have a great impact on how easy or difficult it is to tow your house. As you plan your house and order a trailer, you should also be thinking ahead and designing a house that will tow well. To do this, make sure you include these essential items in your budget to make towing as safe and easy as possible. 

To learn more about towing a tiny house, you can read all the details of both of our long distance towing adventures (with great lessons learned about trailers and proper two vehicles). See the following posts:

Author: Alek Lisefski