It's the best tiny home I have ever seen! Modern, clean, smart." – Alessandra
The Tiny Project house is equal parts rustic and modern. A very liveable design!" – April
I’ve viewed at least 100 different tiny homes online, and I keep coming back to yours. It’s perfect, in every way. It suits us completely, down to the “turn around” space in the kitchen. You’ve done an amazing job. You’ve really designed something with everyday functionality, which is missing from so many models we’ve seen. If we do this, we will buy your plans. You deserve compensation for all your hard work and research. Kudos!" – Karen
Building my own house in a conscious and eco-friendly has been a dream of mine for a long time, and your work specifically is mind blowing!" – Daniel
First off, thank you for creating such a perfect design. I never understood the A-frame or long kitchen, but you nailed it with the layout. THANK YOU! " – Erin
Your plans are very helpful in my build, even though my design is substantially different... well worth the price" – Michael
It is with great confidence that I recommend Alek as an up and coming professional in the creation of Tiny House living. His due diligence, drawings and construction abilities are excellent. As a licensed construction professional for many decades I have rarely taken notice of such young exceptional talent." – Gary Bute, TinyHouseSystems.biz
You guys have one of the nicest ones I've seen with great use of space... congrats!" – Iris
THANK YOU! I love this concept and it is right up my alley. This type of living is what I dream about and will one day have." – J. M.
What I find most inspiring about the tiny project is the knowledge that home construction is within the reach of the average person." – Erik
I am absolutely amazed by what you have managed to achieve" – Merryn
The whole house is a masterfully designed space! Beautiful, bright, cozy, organized, practical with a touch of whimsy. Well done, guys!" – Marsha
This is defiantly my favorite moveable house." – Patrick
I like to base my life on simplicity, and the Tiny House Project encompasses everything I believe when it comes to this. Simpler life = happy life, Tiny House = Simpler and happy life." – Stephanie Brooks
I remember finding photos of your house several months ago and being really blown away by the design - your floorplan really makes full use of the space while allowing in lots of light and separating the different "rooms" into usable areas." – Ainsley
I found your awesome blog ... and am even more inspired and encouraged. You have a gorgeous house, which is just they style we're looking for." – Laura
Really nice craftsmanship, and well thought out plan!"– Don
Once I discovered this site, everything clicked inside me. I have completely switched my life goals around and take new initiatives every day to prepare myself for a tiny lifestyle. “Adulthood” now has a whole new meaning, and I am forever grateful for this inspiration." – Brittany White
I have spent some time looking at many tiny house designs and I think you have come up with a really ideal layout." – Annie
I love this tiny house. Best one yet. You can see how much clever and artistic planning went into the design. " – Justin
The Tiny Project is the answer to the most important question I have been asking myself; 'Can I commit myself to living a more humble life in a smaller space'. For the first time I wholeheartedly believe I can." – Marjolein
This looks like it's my future." – Morgan
The ‘Tiny Project’ page has become like a garden bed, it is full of the nourishment and ideas from which I get the inspiration and motivation for moving towards my goal of my own tiny house. Honors to those who go first…and who graciously share their journey!" – CeCelia
I love your House...even after all the TH’s that are being built daily I keep coming back to yours for inspiration...your house and build have helped inspire so many people." – Chad
When it comes to design, and basically everything, your Tiny Project is simply another level. Thank you for pushing the limits!" – Samy
What a beautiful little home. I love seeing the personal creativity that goes into making your very own tiny home" – Rachel
I'm loving your building plans!" – Saki
Your tiny home is my inspiration as I embark on the building journey. I love many aspects of your design, but especially the extra space in the loft and all the windows!" – Rana
I have seen a lot of tiny house projects the past few years. This one has set the bar pretty darn high in terms of design and interior furnishings. Just a beautiful project all around. A+++" – Ronnie
One of the best tiny houses I've seen so far...attractive exterior with decks, better roofline for interior headroom, excellent selection of interior materials, well matched and very thoughtful use of space well-adapted to their lifestyle" – Neb
I’ve been really interesting in tiny and small homes for a couple years now and this is by FAR the best layout I’ve seen. The untreated wood gives it a nice rustic feel, but it’s polished enough to not feel like a log cabin. And the storage solutions are brilliant!" – Kele
Your house is beautiful, and so tastefully done. Many features are on my dream list for when I build my own house on wheels. Thank you so much for sharing your home online like this. It’s fuel for dreaming…" – Helena
I love all the customization and thought that went into the entire design, in that it focused on the bodies living in there. Non-galley kitchen was super smart and creative two-person solution. There seems to be a tendency in some of these designs to cram as much storage onto the walls – ceiling to floor but this design is cleaner than that, but still has a lot of space it seems." – Heather
Now this is a plan I could live with! You did an amazing job." – Charlene
This compact home is exactly the type of dwelling I would love to have. The responses you’ve given to the queries by other persons have further convinced me that this is definitely a keeper. These are going to be the house plans for my future home." – Sherene
That is a lovely tiny home. I love how much planning went into it and how unapologetic Alek is about the toilet issues-- that's important information!" – Denise
This is wonderful, an absolute great way to reconnect with the core of life. " – Jon
This is probably my most favorite tiny house to date, I love the connection to the outdoors and how homely it feels! LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug upstairs and all the windows." – Gina
This is the best tiny house lay out I've seen -- A+ " – Amongst Edibles
This is one of the best examples of this type of housing that I’ve seen…and I’ve looked at a lot of “Tiny House” photos (I’m somewhat obsessed!) Obviously a great deal of thought went into each area. It looks very functional and comfortable. Congratulations -- great job!" – Krista
I am impressed with this on so many levels. The "style" is lovely, the detailing from what I can tell in the photos looks very professional, and the space planning is excellent. Congrats!" – Marcella
Cozy but open. A perfect tiny house. Bravo." – Pamela
Well done! I love the design of this house. Everything is well thought out and has it's place. It just fits...This is the best layout I've seen!" – Kelly
This is absolutely gorgeous! Great job on all the detail work and space planning. The choice of colors and wood looks great! Love the way you used more windows to enlarge the space!" – Good's Home Furnishings
Fantastic effort. A lovely house. I would live in it happily." – Sally-Ann
Wow, this is absolutely perfect!" – LKJones
This is amazing ... this place isn't just inspiring for its size, it's plain inspiring in general. So well designed, with beautiful details. I love all the natural wood and light, and how they have really pared down to the essentials." – livc
This is the nicest tiny house I have seen to date. Great work!" – sypage
I look at tiny houses a lot -- this is definitely one of my all-time favorites -- in part because of the sinks and the 'boat' stove, and in part because I can tell someone actually lives in it! It is inspiring, for sure." – csc76
The Tiny Project has been a great source of information and inspiration to pursue the Tiny Life." – Frank
Whenever I get the email from The Tiny Project, I know I am going to learn something that will make my heart sing...My dream of home ownership is now within reach. Thank you for all the wonderful articles, suggestions, construction tips, and pointers you bring with each and every newsletter/email. Keep it coming, you guys are great!" – Dawn
Now THIS is a tiny house that I'd love to live in ... Absolutely beautiful space!" – C-Diddy
Let me just say that you're house is amazing. I love the general design aesthetic, and your use of white walls mixed with the blue ponderosa pine." – Sam
The Tiny Project has renewed my hope in a future in a tiny house! I have watched as the movement has grown for years and always dreamed of it being a reality for me someday. This project is instrumental in my future!!!!! What more could I possibly ask for!" – Lisa
I had given up on EVER owning my own house , this project has given me hope and inspiration that it is indeed possible. Just love it!" – Nura
Love the site. To me It’s like following modern day pioneers and their adventures doing something that isn’t mainstream." – Sandy
Every bit of this site has been so helpful in my process of research and planning. I especially love the articles on the blog which are helpful and inspiring." – Elizabeth
your beautiful tiny house is easily one of my favorites – bravo!" – Andrea
Best design I have seen so far. Awesome." – Erick
My boyfriend and I have talked about this over the past couple of years, but your design really speaks to me. I think it's perfect, and it has us considering the possibilities again. Thank you for the inspiration!" – Karen
I would move in in a heartbeat! Awesome house, love the interior decorating." – Molly
I could really see my wife and I living in something like this when the kids are grown. Great use of small space." – Tom
I can’t wait to purchase the plans and get started! Thank you both for all that you have done and for sharing so much." – Erin
Well done! I love the design of this house. Everything is well thought out and has it's place. It just fits...This is the best layout I've seen!" – Kelly
I love your House...even after all the TH’s that are being built daily I keep coming back to yours for inspiration...your house and build have helped inspire so many people." – Chad
It is such an amazing value to have the ability to alter the plans for our own customization. Your months of thought and planning can be instantly a solid base for anyone looking to build a tiny house on wheels." – Chris
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