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For anyone thinking to build their own tiny house, or for those already underway -- this is for you! The resources you find here are ones that I have written myself or products that I personally vouch for. I know the authors of these books. I’ve met these people selling plans, I’ve seen their houses, heard their stories. I offer these resources to you, knowing that they are well researched, well made, thoughtful and truly helpful to anyone looking to follow this tiny house path. Enjoy!

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The best tiny house plans money can buy

Each of these tiny house plans were used in the construction of actual tiny houses of very high quality. The individuals selling these plans live in their tiny homes full-time and are amazing examples for the rest of the tiny house community. These plans were all very carefully researched, planned and tested, meaning you can trust that that any finished home created using any of these plans will be safe and efficient, with incredibly well thought-out features and use of space.
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How much should you spend on tiny house plans? CLICK HERE for more info.
Want more?  Check out TinyHousePlans.com for the best tiny house plans all in one place!

Tiny house guides and books

Need help learning how to build? What questions do you need to ask yourself before you start designing your house? These resources will tell you! Each has been created by a tiny house expert and is offered with my strong recommendation. Enjoy!
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The best tiny house propane water heaters (residential & RV)

We believe propane on-demand water heaters are the best choice for a tiny house. What’s the difference between and interior and exterior model? Residential style vs. RV style? Learn how to avoid freezing and other important water heater considerations.
View tiny house water heaters
The best tiny house water heaters

Tiny House Stoves, Cooktops & Ranges

Choose from smaller RV-style ranges, marine ranges (higher quality stainless steel), permanently installed stovetops and portable cooktops. If you prefer to use electricity, one efficient solution would be to use a portable induction cooktop, which can be stored in a cabinet or under a counter when not in use.
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Tiny house stoved, cooktops and ranges
Want more?  To browse a full range of tiny house appliances, visit Tiny (house) Appliances
Tiny House Books

Essential tiny house books

Need some inspiration or technical building knowledge? These books offer a wide range of tiny house glamour photos, building guides, inspirational stories and invaluable first-hand experience and advice. It's time to get reading!
Brose Tiny House Books
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