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Online Tiny House Courses by Macy MillerOnline Tiny House Courses by Macy Miller. Macy Miller is a one-of-a-kind tiny house inspiration, living in her house for years now, full-time, with 2 small kids and a very large dog! She's spoken at tiny house events around the country, manages the Tiny House People facebook group (the largest of it's kind) and is just an all around awesome person.

You can get access to some of her vast tiny house knowledge and experience through four courses she's created to cover some of the main tiny house topics:

  • Construction options
  • Systems and Utilities
  • Codes and Foundation Selection
  • Design!

Each of the 4 courses includes about 2 hours of video content and anywhere from 12 to 19 separate short presentations on different topics. Macy is very smart and up-to-date on many of the technical aspects of codes and zoning, systems, construction techniques, etc.

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Tiny House Decisions by Ethan WaldmanTiny House Decisions by Ethan Waldman covers a wide range of topics and many of the important tiny house questions with priceless real-world examples. Everything shared here has been learned the hard way by others. Save yourself the headache and short-cut all your potential mistakes and hard lessons by starting with this book! I think this might be my current favorite tiny house resource available with all its personal viewpoints and also all the various how-to and interview videos with other tiny house experts.

  • Plan your tiny house effectively without spending countless hours researching
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your tiny house by avoiding common mistakes
  • Feel confident about the choices you’re making – because you’ll know they are the right decisions for you.

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Click here for more benefits and details of this tiny house guide.

Tiny House Design & Construction GuideThe 2nd edition of the Tiny House Design & Construction Guide is now available, with over 50% more content and 38 more images and illustrations!

This invaluable book by Dan Louche will help you to understand each step that needs to be taken to build your own tiny house -- and it provides a lot of specifics, how-to diagrams and materials to use. It's really the best "how to build a tiny house" book I know of.


The new 2nd edition of this book 180 pages and over 168 color photographs and illustrations! I referred to this book a lot when building my tiny house and highly recommend it to get familiar with each step of the construction process.

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Tiny House Build DVDs by Andrew Morrison

Take advantage of Andrew Morrison's building experience and teaching ability to learn all the tricks you'll need to build your own tiny home. This is the BEST DVD training video you can get. They really did a great job with this!

Building your own tiny house, using your own hands may seem like an impossible feat. We assure you it’s not! This step-by-step DVD series is set up to guide you through the entire building process and is laid out in simple and easy to understand terms. By following the instructions laid out by Andrew Morrison in this series of 4 DVDs (over 6.15 hours), you will have the information you need to build your own tiny house, saving you literally tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Do it yourself and save tens of thousands of dollars on your own build
  • Step by step, detailed instruction in over 6 hours of video appropriate for the totally novice builder as well as the pro
  • Learn from a master builder that has personally taught over 1,200 workshop participants how to build their own homes
  • Learn the most recent and relevant building techniques out there for tiny house construction
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls that new builders fall into
  • Watch the production from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule

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Abigail Ross's Tiny House B.I.G. Book: a Beginner's Illustrated Guide to a Complete Tiny House Build is is VERY detailed and I think it will be an extremely helpful guide for those who want to undertake a DIY build, even if starting with no building experience whatsoever! It really walks you through the details of almost every single step of the tiny house building process.

The Tiny House B.I.G. Book covers everything from buying the right trailer to building a sleeping loft. The information is presented in a beginner-friendly format that is easy to read and pick up intuitively. By the end you should feel relaxed relocating a window, putting up trim and picking out a hot water heater. And if you already have some building experience, this guide can help you adapt those skills to the unique construction of a tiny house on wheels.

Get your copy of "Tiny House B.I.G. Book"

tiny house magazine

Get Tiny House Magazine for tons of inspirational tiny house images, personal stories and tiny house lessons learned. It's very affordable and comes in digital format. Each month offers a great selection of articles, put together by the great Kent Griswold of the Tiny House Blog.

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Cracking the code, tiny house zoning

Cracking the Code (eBook) is a guide to building codes & zoning for tiny houses and is designed to help you logically navigate all the red tape when it comes to housing. It helps you quickly familiarize yourself with some of the road blocks, suggest possible pathways to building your home from a legal perspective, and several strategies to make it a success.

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The “Life in a Tiny House” EbookCuriosity about tiny homes is exploding, yet it’s still hard for most people to wrap their heads around what it’s like to live in one. Isn’t it just too kooky, too risky, or too hard?  Not once you see it through the eyes of the people who already call tiny houses home.

The "Life in a Tiny House" ebook is a collection of stories and advice to inspire people to take action on their own tiny house dreams. It features over 200 pages of photos and interviews with people who live in tiny homes, discussing questions like these:

  • Why did a tiny house feel right to them?
  • How did they go about designing, building and moving in?
  • What is life like now that they’ve been living there, for between a few months and ten years?

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PAD go house go - dee williams

PAD's Go House Go eBook is a compact tiny house building guide. It's another simple but must-have resource that covers a wide range of topics, such as trailers, construction techniques, safety, permits and coding, tools, moisture control, water and waste, weight management, electrical systems, and more! I personally gained a lot from this ebook and highly recommend it!

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Shockingly Simple Electrical

The Shockingly Simple Electrical eBook walks you through everything you need to know about wiring your tiny house. We start with the basic principle, different components, how to wire panels, boxes, outlets, lights and more. The book has 80 pages of content including detailed diagrams and real life photos of wiring done in tiny houses.

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The new retirement

The New Retirement by Ryan Mitchell is a guide to retiring in a tiny house -- an alternative to traditional retirement. The ebook covers why retirement is broken, what we can do about it and how to retire in a tiny house. It also includes 10 floor plans designed for retirement, with the beds on the ground floor and a few that are wheel chair accessible.

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