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Dee Williams’ new book, THE BIG TINY: A Built-It-Myself Memoir, is about to hit the bookshelves. But guess what? We’re giving you a chance to win your won copy of this book for free!

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THE BIG TINY: A Built-It-Myself Memoir by Dee Williams

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dee at the beginning of my tiny house journey. In fact, it was a weekend workshop she put on with her company Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD) that gave me the confidence and inspiration to take the leap and go ahead with designing and build my own tiny house. This book is great in that it details her personal story and gives an in depth insight into her process of rethinking and downsizing her life.

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THE BIG TINY is a graceful and inspired memoir about building a home from scratch and discovering a true sense of self – in just 84 square feet.

Ten years ago, Dee Williams was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and she soon realized that she wanted to make some changes. In the wake of her health problems, and considering the burdens of homeownership, Williams began fantasizing about a simpler life. THE BIG TINY follows Dee from the early days of her diagnosis through the increasingly-confident building process (Dee constructed her entire house on her own – with help from a few friends), and ultimately finds her in present-day Olympia WA, living with her dog in her tiny house in the backyard of friends.

Although most of us don’t imagine our lives unfolding within such tiny dimensions, there is something universally appealing about the way Dee lives: simply and efficiently, with awareness for her community and environment, and with an open mind. Without escaping to the wild or going off the grid, she’s achieved a happy balance of the normal and the radical, and created a model for simple, practical living.

Author: Alek Lisefski