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20 Ways to Create “Sacred Space” Inside a Tiny House

Every living space can be sacred, or mundane. Your intention makes all the difference, and as a tiny house lover, you have strong intentions. One of the major elements that attract people to build a tiny house is the opportunity it provides to create living spaces that make our hearts sing, and that are truly an outward expression of our innermost selves.

Editor's Note: This post is generously provided by the amazing Ryan Harris (all text is Ryan's, and I added photos taken of the Tiny Project house). Scroll to the end to find out more about Ryan. I think this concept of "sacred space" is in itself the perfect answer to the common question "Why not just buy a used travel trailer?" Thank you Ryan for your many great insights!

What a privilege to spend time consistently in a space that is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but that also feels like a special place – perhaps even a “sacred” space!

Given a choice, we all prefer to spend time in a space that feels alive, loving, lighthearted, joyous, and safe. And since “tiny housers” are involved in nearly every aspect of planning and building their homes, the opportunities to create special and sacred spaces are many. To be clear, I define any space as sacred if it raises our vibration, lifts us up, and inspires us to be more of who we really are! We all know that feeling, and we gravitate towards it whenever possible.

Tiny project decoration

You can never go wrong with orchids!

tiny house detail

Plants and candles are where it's at!

tiny house art

A reminder to always keep seeking...

That’s why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the idea of building a small house from the ground up that it can be filled with items we love, cherish, and which bring us joy. A sacred space is a space that is filled with light, loving energy, and the scents, sounds, and feelings of life energy. And tiny houses are a wonderful opportunity to create sacred spaces in which you live and thrive, so take full advantage of the opportunity!

But where to get started?...

… Right where you are!

Begin, if you can, by adjusting your immediate, current surroundings to uplift you. Even small changes can make a huge difference! And of course, as you build your tiny house or live in it, continuously improve the space so it feels more loving, and sacred to you, based on whatever that means to you!

Follow YOUR standards, because you’re the one who will live there!

So what do people do to create that sense of specialness in their living spaces? Here are a few ideas, not intended to be an exhaustive list, but to prompt ideas within you, and to assist you to share your methods, ideas, and tips on creating your own sacred space, so that others may benefit by reading this post.

20 Ways to Create “Sacred Space” Inside a Tiny House

  1. Tiny house curtains

    Homemade linen curtains provided the just the light airy feel we wanted

    Use of color – this is a biggie because colors definitely trigger emotions which can be calming and soothing, or energizing. Your color palette is totally up to you, and your options are as wide open as your imagination and sense of adventure, so why not paint your spaces in a way that make you feel fully alive!?

  2. Use of rich textures and fabrics that delight the senses and make you eager to interact with the space.
  3. Creating altars and meditation spaces within your tiny house - perhaps the most overtly “spiritual” practice on the list, you can create an alter or shrine as a physical manifestation of your highest intentions, and they can be very powerful to help you manifest your desires, or simply to express reverence for whatever you hold sacred.
  4. Artwork that delights and brings a smile to your lips, or sets a specific mood: we all know how uplifting or joyous artwork can be, so go ahead and fill your space with pieces that you really connect with. Artwork that incorporates sacred geometry can be powerful too, so give yourself permission to explore that area as well.
tiny house decoration

Beautiful reminders keep us on track

tiny house alter

Our little "alter" and "mediation nook" in the loft

tiny house entry

As we enter -- "Now begins the study of yoga"

  1. Special objects and treasures that hold cherished memories decorating your space – especially object from travels or key times in your life, to help remind you of peak or special experiences.
  2. Reclaimed /recycled objects that show respect for the Earth and remind you of your relationship to the Earth.
  3. Use of light / crystals / stained glass – nothing helps me feel more uplifted than natural sunlight filling a space, and the size and placement of windows and skylights is a key element in this. The overall size and shape of the space, combined with the space colors, done well, can instantly transport us out of the mundane, and into a sacred space. Using stained glass or crystals can help us see the extraordinary within the ordinary, and lift the spirit.
  4. The use of sounds and/or music that uplifts and inspires, or brings joy, is crucial. The use of wind chimes, gongs, running water (fountains), your favorite music playlist, birdsong, laughter, all of these can make a space feel dramatically more ‘natural” and special. And the soundscape can change easily and often if you focus on this area.
  5. Blocking or reducing outside sounds and noises that might create stress, or that heighten our awareness of the outside world when that is not desired.
  6. tiny house plants

    Even the tiniest of houses has room for a few plants

    Smells / scents – the smell of bread, oranges, cinnamon, coffee, or even the scents of sex, can make a space feel like heaven on Earth with just a single whiff, so don’t overlook the importance of scent. Like music, with the use of essential oils and other methods, the “scentscape” can change easily and often if you so desire.

  7. Plants or greenery or other objects from nature help ground us and connect us with other life forms, all of which create a web of life of which we are simply one part – so incorporate plants, trees, flowers, and greenery as much as possible. Plants also create texture, scents, and add oxygen to the air we breathe, helping to detoxify the space.
  8. Lofted spaces / high ceilings / skylights – this goes hand in hand with the use of sunlight. High ceilings can definitely create a sense of spaciousness (and therefore “upliftedness”) which is especially important in a tiny house, so we feel lifted, and not claustrophobic, in our beautiful tiny homes.
  9. Photo and mementos from loved ones /ancestry – like artwork, photographs can be a powerful way to call in certain energies, especially supportive energy from our loved ones.
  10. tiny house guests

    Sharing the space with friends makes it all the more sacred

    Creating “community” in the space by breaking bread with neighbors and friends – few acts are as sacred as breaking bread with friends, neighbors, lovers, and pets in a house to make it feel like a true “home” – a place where the heart is.

  11. Keeping the space free of clutter and junk that blocks the flow of energy. Tiny houses force us to not hoard possessions, and small spaces easily become cluttered. By intentionally simplifying our lives and the number of possessions we own, we keep spaces clear so energy cannot get blocked or stagnate. Give yourself permission to rid yourself of any possession or object that doesn’t bring you joy when you look at it or touch it. Yes, even gifts you’ve received can and should be lovingly re-gifted if they don’t suit your home.
  12. Siting the house in a way that feels harmonious with the location or geography of the site and the available sunlight. Put plenty of thought into the views you’ll get from each room, and how these can be changed by adjusting the angle of your house on the land.
  13. dog in tiny house

    Of course our most special pup makes it feel like home

    Sharing our space with animals, who usually convey unconditional love, can be a major mood enhancer, and any time we fill a space with the energy of love, the space becomes sacred.

  14. New spaces free of the energy of others”. One of the most overlooked aspects of building a new tiny house is that it’s new – with no previous occupants’ energy to contaminate or shape the energetic signature of the space.
  15. Space clearing – in the case of a previously occupied space in which we want to remove the energetic imprint of the previous inhabitants, smudging, sound, the setting of a strong intention, and prayer are all useful tools to help clear a space of old or unwanted energy.
  16. Throw open the doors and windows – and let nature in. Blurring the distinction in your tiny house between “indoors” and “outdoors” is an act of self-love! Nature is indeed sacred, so let it in, and benefit from the enhanced feeling in the space!
blue stain pine

We chose this beet kill wood to add depth and warmth to the walls and ceiling

Bonus Sacred Space Method: Here’s an idea you can use if your tiny house is not yet built: Allow your friends and loved ones to write well-wishes and positive thoughts on the wood of your house - the framing, subfloor, or walls – anything that will get covered later. You’ll have dozens, even hundreds of positive thoughts literally built right in to your house, so throw a build party – give everyone a Sharpie pen, and let them “sign” your house! Don’t forget to take pictures before you cover it over, and add the best photo as one of the “sacred photos” that you decorate with after you move in!

Any of these “creating sacred space” methods can be done in any kind of home, but they seem to be done more often in tiny homes. How about in yours? What have you done in your homes, past or present, to make them sacred? What would you love to do in the future? Do you have a favorite ways to create sacred space, or perhaps you are inspired to try it now, what ideas have come to mind? Please share with others by posting your ideas, feelings, and thoughts, as a comment, below.

Final thought: give yourself permission to right now make a fast and simple change that improves the energy of your space. Go ahead – go for it!

300About the Author

Ryan is relatively recent tiny home convert. He is a marketing coach, a lover of all things sacred, and enjoys standup paddleboarding, hiking, playing guitar, and great books. He lives in Boise, Idaho, and his tiny house blog and build updates (and more helpful articles like this one) can be found at

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  1. I started unpacking my belongings into my tiny house this week. I am looking forward to making my space sacred, filled with love, laughter and joy. Part of that is including items in the house that are for play like toys and musical instruments.