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Answers to your frequently asked questions

Hello everyone. Due to the overwhelming number of inquires I've received recently, I am trying to streamline the reply process by putting up answers to a bunch of the questions that seem to be asked over and over. You can now find a Frequently Asked Questions page here. I will continue to add to this page with more questions and answers as they come up. I hope people find this useful!

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11 comments on “Answers to your frequently asked questions”

  1. Alek;
    What software is needed to open up the plans for quick and extensive clear viewing. Can one download the software from possibly a lending internet library for free to borrow and return?

    Fred Freedman

  2. This is incredible. My biggest question is: With all of those windows and a door, how does everything not start to fall apart when the unit is moved? I realize that there is a good deal of flexing and shifting when the unit is in transit. So, how do the walls, windows, and door not become unsealed/unseated?

    1. It actually doesn't flex all that much during travel, because of the diagonal wind bracing I added, and the closed-cell foam also adds a lot of rigidity to the walls. After traveling over 2300 miles I didn't notice a single spot that shifted or cracked or anything like that. I'm sure there was some very small amount of flex, but nothing that had any noticeable effect.

  3. Conception ingénieuse et rationnelle de l'espace truffé d'astuces optimisant l'espace disponible !
    Excellent travail l'ami !
    Intéressé par un kit ( sans remorque...) possible ?
    Votre prix ?
    A défaut le Kit à 250 dollars + livre d'images - ok !

    1. Hi There! - A house could easily be built from my plans an put on a foundation instead of a trailer. The price is the same. I can't create a separate version that does not include the trailer -- you'd just to adapt them to your specific needs.