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Ben MacAdam's Tiny Studio: Feedback from a Tiny Project Construction Plans user

Editor's Note: It's very exciting to get feedback and see the construction progress of others who are building tiny houses based on my Tiny House Construction Plans. It makes me really proud to see how my efforts are now helping others to make their tiny house dreams a reality! This is the first in a series of posts introducing various Tiny Project Plans users -- please give them the same love and support you've given me during my tiny house journey!

by Ben MacAdam

The idea for my tiny studio started when I came across  Lloyed Kahn’s “Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter”. In it I saw people that were simplifying their lifestyles to have more time to do what they enjoyed -- many were doing this by building a home on wheels. I identified with the desire to travel, to learn more about building and sustainability, and to own a unique space to work. Not too long after I started considering the “tiny studio” as an attainable project, but I needed plans!

Ben MacAdams Tiny Studio Construction

Here's Ben half way done with wall framing

Though designing from scratch seemed appealing at first, I kept coming back Alek’s design that I felt aligned well with what I was imagining. Also, the more I researched, it was clear that having plans was a smart way to begin.

Ben MacAdams Tiny Studio ConstructionBen MacAdams Tiny Studio Construction"Ben

Thank you Alek for taking the time to show detailed plans and materials needed. As of yesterday, Halloween, my Tiny Studio now has all four walls framed. I just began the project in late September. I would definitely not be this far along if I didn’t have Alek’s tiny house blueprints to go by.

Feel free to read more about the project here:

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