Best way to create white walls?

I’ve been having an internal debate over whether I want the purity of all natural wood walls, or if that amount of wood will overwhelming and make me sick after a while. Paint fumes may make me sick in another way, but I’m leaning more and more towards a cleaner white look for the walls, though I don’t know how best to achieve it.

Clothesline Interior - photo credit Clothesline Tiny Homes

Clothesline Interior – photo credit Clothesline Tiny Homes

Carrie and Shane Caverly of Clothesline Tiny Homes did a great job using drywall. They seem to have some tricks up there sleeves involving flexible mud and tape to prevent cracking during travel. I’m not sure they’d share their secrets, nor am I sure I’d want to use drywall anyway (no experience with it, and want to do the work myself if I can). But there results are fantastic and super clean looking.

I believe the Protohaus folks used painted grooved plywood, for a clean look with subtle texture. This is a nice, inexpensive way of doing it. I want to avoid anything that looks like cheap paneling, but if done as well as they did, I think this might be a good option.

Protohaus Interior

Protohaus Interior

I’ve heard of at least one instance of simply painting over some nice sanded birch plywood. This sounds like a nice way to go, but I wonder if the seams between boards look cheap on the finished walls? Depending on the look of the birch, it may also work to use some semi-transparent white stain, thus creating a cleaner white look while keeping some of the natural wood grain.

What other methods are out there?

Does your tiny house have white walls? if so, what materials did you use?

Author: Alek Lisefski