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Can I take that off your hands?

Wanted: Any and all barnwood, reclaimed flooring, left-over 2-by's, plywood, wood beams, decking, or any other usable wood that you would like removed.

I want this!

I want this!

Do you have a old barn on your property? I'd be happy to help demolish the thing and clean up the area in exchange for the usable wood remains.

Are you a contractor? If you have leftovers from a recent contraction project that you'd have to pay to dispose of, I'll gladly haul them away at no cost.

Are you a homeowner/remodeler? Do you have scraps from a recent remodeling project? Avoid disposal hassles and fees, and let me take them off your hands.

In an effort to use an many reclaimed products as possible in my tiny house build, I'm putting myself out there and searching for these items by any means. Please get in touch if you have any gently-used wood or tips as to where I might find some.


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