Feelin’ it out – Life-size tape floorplan

This morning a thought entered my mind that I could not shake: I have never sat in a life-sized floorplan of my house!

That's me, taking a pretend dump in the composting toilet

That’s me, taking a pretend dump in the composting toilet

Sure, I have been in other tiny houses, and I know how much space I will be dealing with. But I have never sketched out MY floorplan and felt what the space would be like — as I enter the house and need to find a place to store my muddy shoes. As I hang my coat and run to the bathroom, narrowly missing the corner of the sofa with my knee, and avoiding the dog’s tail with my foot. Or as I head from the bathroom to the stove and navigate the kitchen to boil water for tea.

Well, no more. I have done it and I can say it was a lot of fun! It’s strange, but it felt exactly like I thought it would. At first, I was freaking out, because as I laid down the first pieces of tape for the interior wall dimensions, it seemed so small. But once I proportioned out all of the space to show where everything would go, it all seemed to come together quite perfectly, and didn’t feel as small as when I first started.

The morning was warm and windy. My printed floorplan dimension drawing was blowing out of my hands at every opportunity, and the painter’s tape didn’t stick all that well to the dirty driveway…but HOLY #$!*, how have I not done this yet!


Who here did this with their house plans before starting to build? I think it’s absolutely essential to get it off the paper and into 2 or 3 dimensions in real size to make sure what worked in your head will work in real life.


Author: Alek Lisefski