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Happy Holidays from the Tiny Project

We've had a great 2013 (we built a house -- how cool!). Here's to making 2014 even better!


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7 comments on “Happy Holidays from the Tiny Project”

  1. I absolutely love your light and bright! Love your layout both upstairs and on the main floor. Do you want to build another one? I will buy it! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Pamela! I do not plan to build more tiny homes, at least not for a while. This one was truly a lot of work, but as it is my current "dream house" it was worth the effort. I am, however, considering doing tiny house design consulting, as I have amassed a LOT of great info and experience of every step of the process from start to finish. I am also trying to find a way to have my plans drawn up in a professional manner so I can offer them for sale. Contact me via the contact form ( if you'd like to discus consulting.

    1. I'd have to go back and check for sure, but it's something like R18-R20 -- I think closed-cell foam is over R6/inch. I've got a full 3 inches throughout.

  2. Hi Alek, I love your Tiny House and I'm also impressed with your comprehensive blog on it's progress. You should be very proud. I love the idea of tiny homes on a number of levels, especially the fact that they promote a minimalist lifestyle; refreshing compared to our current consumptive one. The fact that one can create a comfortable living space with some important amenities, all without a burdening mortgage, just makes so much sense although a similar house suitable for my climate here in southern Alberta, would need considerable modifications for insulation and heat. Well done on your project and thanks for being a trailblazer for alternative dwellings.

  3. This project has SO MUCH WIN! My wife and I are just across 101 from you in Rincon Valley. Would love to come see this in person. My own tiny/mobile living project, though more of a camping/bug-out flavor, is motivated by the same drive as yours: keep it simple, make the most of the space/resources we have. Pictorial here...

    I will be checking in on FB to see your progress. Congratulations! I salute your DIY:KISS spirit!!!

  4. congrats... House plan differ from country to country....
    In India its totally different concepts of house making