Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got walls!

It’s been a very big week here at the Tiny Project. If you follow me on facebook, you probably already know that I got wall number one (South) up last week, with help of friends and family to lift it into place. This holiday weekend has been non-stop house work. I was able to get both small end walls done yesterday, and today spent the day cutting and assembling the final (North) wall. This evening, more amazing helpers came by to finish the job.

Once the first wall was up, it made a huge difference to have some 3-dimensional space to play in. Now with all 4 walls up, it’s really feeling like a house! Very exciting…

Thank you Aaron Hirshberg, Thom and Diana Krystofiak, Michael Borden, Don & Jeanette Lisefski (parents!), Jim Richmond and Christian Hoffmann for your help with the heavy lisfting!

Enough with the rambling. Here are some photos of the process. Enjoy!


Author: Alek Lisefski