Let’s Talk About Pee and Poop!

I try not to look at comments too much (especially not on youtube!), but with our Faircompanies video tour and interview getting a lot of views, I couldn’t help myself. There were a lot of positive comments and of course some really nasty ones too. But what I found most interesting was the sheer number of comments about the now infamous “pee jar” or “poop bucket.”

The most popular comments all when something like this: “OMG, a pee jar in the loft. That’s so gross. That guy is a terrible person.”

OMG Pee Jar

Yes, a pee jar. That’s correct. I have a large jar (with a tight fitting lid) in the loft next to the bed. Yes, if I have to pee in the middle of the night, I sometimes use the jar instead of climbing over my partner (Anjali) to get out of bed, and then deceiving the ladder in darkness to get the the bathroom. It’s easy, clean, not a problem at all. For all the guys out there, I suggest you try it! For those bothered by this, have you never taken a piss in the woods? It’s not a big deal. Get over it!

If I do head down to the bathroom at night, what’s there? A poop bucket. #2 most popular comment: “OMG, you make her poop in a bucket. That’s disgusting. Honey, you should leave him and find a man who can afford a real toilet!”

Poop Bucket, Eww, Gross!

Yep, I can’t afford a toilet, and that makes me less of a man. No, really, I can! I CHOOSE to use a composting toilet. I believe using fresh water to flush poop into our water cycle is wasteful. And I chose a composting bucket toilet so our house did not need a sewage hookup and our options for parking it were much better.

I admit, neither of these quotes are verbatim, but as funny as it seems, these are pretty darn close to MANY of the comments posted. So, I thought I’d have a little fun with it.

I hope you enjoy these animated GIFs (please share if you find them amusing). Stay lighthearted and enjoy the laughter that tiny house living can bring!

Have your own funny pee or poop stories? Share if you dare!

Author: Alek Lisefski