Roof is up! Time to sheath this baby!

Quick update: I’ve got the roof rafters up in the past few days. The rafters overhang the side walls by 2 inches on the long sides of the house (so not to exceed 8.5′ max width) and I’ve added some “flying rafters” to the short ends for a slightly larger 6″ overhang. Maybe they should be called “floating” or “leaping” rafters, since they are barely sticking out, they aren’t really flying.

Each rafter is screwed in place up through the top plate below and then I’ve added rafter straps at each end as well.

I’ve already started with the wall sheathing. Pics to come soon once that is closer to completion. Stay tuned…

rafters in place

rafters in place

another shot with roof rafters

another shot with roof rafters

Flying rafter - West

Flying rafter – West


Flying rafter – East


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Author: Alek Lisefski