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Sustainable beetle kill lumber from the Sustainable Lumber Company

SLCToday was exciting because I placed an order for some very cool (and 100% sustainable) Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine from the Sustainable Lumber Company. Thank you Ryan for the discounted price. I'm more than happy to add you to my list of sponsors!

Through use of dead, standing old-growth Poderosa Pine (killed by the latest pine beetle outbreak), the lumber is super eco-friendly and has a very unique and beautiful look. I'm excited to one day look up at this on my ceiling!

Unlike most beetle kill pine on the market, ours is much different. We literally hand select old growth beetle kill Ponderosa Pine trees versus the commercially harvested lodge pole pine trees most commonly found on the market. The average age of our beetle kill pine range from 200-400 years old. Every tree is hand selected for size, color, and character. If you’re looking for a true sustainable wood product with the best color on the market you’ve came to the right place!  If you only care about the cheapest price, you don’t care about sustainable forestry, and you don’t want amazing color variations; we encourage you to look elsewhere.

To the left is the product I'm ordering and to the right is close to what I am expecting the finished ceiling to look like. Great contrast to the clean white walls!

Yay sustainability!

blue stain pine paneling

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