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"TINY: A story about living small" DVD Givaway!

Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith's tiny house documentary TINY: A story about living small, has been a top documentary download on iTunes and one of the most watched on Netflix as well. Chances are you've already seen it, but if not, we're giving you a chance to win a copy of this DVD for free!

Read on below to enter...

 TINY a story about living small

I've had the pleasure of meeting Christopher in person, before starting to build my own tiny house. Merete was kind of enough to send me a copy of this film to review, and I'd like to pass on the generosity. I've already watched it twice (on Netflix, so the DVD is still unopened). I'd like for this great documentary to find a new viewer who'd not otherwise have the chance to see it.

Entering this giveaway is super simple.

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Second, you must comment on this post...

In your comment, please include a brief description of your favorite thing about what The Tiny Project has to offer. Complete transparency: What we're really asking for is a good testimonial about our plans for sale, our photo book, or something else about the Tiny Project website you find helpful.

Show us some love, and maybe you'll win a great DVD for free!

Selecting a winner

On Monday, August 11th, one winner will be randomly picked from all those who have met both of the above requirements. I will contact the winner via email, and once I get a current address, will ship the DVD to that lucky person right away.

About TINY: A story about living small

After a decade of travel, Christopher Smith approaches his 30th birthday and decides it’s time to plant some roots. He impulsively buys a 5-acre plot of land in hopes of fulfilling a lifelong dream of building a home in the mountains of Colorado. With the support of his girlfriend, Merete, he sets out to build a Tiny House from scratch despite having no construction experience.

From 1970 to 2010, the average size of a new house in America has almost doubled. Yet in recent years, many are redefining their American Dream to focus on flexibility, financial freedom, and quality of life over quantity of space. These self-proclaimed “Tiny Housers” live in homes smaller than the average parking space, often built on wheels to bypass building codes and zoning laws. TINY takes us inside six of these homes stripped to their essentials, exploring the owners’ stories and the design innovations that make them work.

When Christopher decides to build his own Tiny House, he dives into the tension between settling down and staying adrift, between preserving a parcel of land that he loves and developing it. Merete begins to ask her own questions about settling down, and both walk away with unexpected lessons about the meaning of home, the importance of place, and the personal impact of sticking with a project that became bigger than they’d ever imagined.

TINY is a coming-of-age story for a generation that is more connected, yet less tied-down than ever, and for a society redefining its priorities in the face of a changing financial and environmental climate. More than anything, TINY invites its viewers to dream big and imagine living small.

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18 comments on “"TINY: A story about living small" DVD Givaway!”

  1. I'm seriously considering building tiny but as a nurse I'm going to need to see how much I can do on my own and how much I will need help. Would love to see this DVD since I'm a visual learner.

  2. Can I have information on buying this DVD your talking about. I'm just really intreated and would like to know more. Hopefully one day I can have a tiny home of my own. Thanks for your time...

  3. Everyone in the Tiny Movement inspires me, most of all the completed photos posted on It's the photos that set my imagination in overdrive, picturing what I want in my own Tiny Home. It's taken longer than I had planned, but I'm happy to say that I'm already setting things in motion to move out of Oregon and build a tiny home on Vancouver Island in this quaint fishing village. Cannot wait!

  4. Love the site. To me It's like following modern day pioneers and their adventures doing something that isn't mainstream.

  5. I love reading about people's experiences building and living in tiny houses. The word can't spread far enough or fast enough, IMHO.

  6. I really enjoy the blog section of your site. There is a lot of useful info, like the recent safety and insurance articles, that are really helpful for a first-time tiny house builder. Also, there is plenty of other info about all things tiny home that I love reading. Keep up the great work!

  7. I am hoping to build a tiny house of my own. Every bit of this site has been so helpful in my process of research and planning. I especially love the articles on the blog which are helpful and inspiring. Thank you thank you!

    1. Guess what, Elizabeth? You're the randomly selected winner of the "TINY" DVD! If you see this, please send me your address so I can mail it to you right away. Congrats!

  8. I love your site for ideas as my husband and I would like to buy land in the next few years and create our own tiny home

  9. I am a 62 year old Maori/New Zealander and my husband is a 72 year old Maori /New Zealander. We love tiny homes and are excited about hopefully receiving your DVD. Presently we are embarking on the journey of selling our home (which is still not mortgage free) and buying our own tiny home which will leave us both mortgage free, debt free and with money jingling in our pockets and free free free. How exciting is that. This site spurs us on to get it done, and so we will along with a few other New Z

  10. I really like how some of these tiny houses are setup. they have a lot of stuff that is multiple function to mare better use of square footage.

  11. We are gathering information about building a tiny house for ourselves. We love the look of your house and appreciate all of your insights into the concept and building of a tiny house. Yours is beautiful!

  12. Well, I have to say I am bummed that I did not find your site prior to the 11th of August, since it is now the 18th and I missed out. I appreciate any and all information on "Tiny Houses". I am in the beginning stages of building my own, and I do mean beginning. I have been living in a 36 foot travel trailer with a, as they call it, a 12x4 supper slide -- nothing really super about it and they have a creative way of measuring 4 feet -- a skosh shy I would say. Anyway, a large Eucalyptus limb crashed through my trailer -- fortunately through the back end and not the front or I would not be here now. My plan is to build my new home on the foundation trailer. I am currently starting to talk to trailer builders as to what, if any, "beefing up" I need to do to the base trailer to manage the weight of conventional construction on it. The current trailer is rated for at least 12,600 hundred pounds, but that is with everything. I think I need a heavier duty axle and tires to carry the weight safely. I am keeping my build in the travel trailer category so that I can tow it myself. I have an older one ton truck. Anyway, I have been concerned about the insurance aspect etc. so any information regarding such is always welcome. I say, you can never be too educated on any topic.

    I think my biggest fear (and stumbling block -- if only in my own mind) for this project is the tearing down of my old trailer sitting atop the base trailer. I want to salvage my airconditioner which ways about a 150 pounds and has to come off the roof (carefully I might add), will definitely need help with that. I also want to salvage as much wood etc. as I can, as I would like to use the siding etc. to build an outdoor kitchen structure. I just rented a storage unit today to start moving my things out. I have been living in the very large backyard of a friend and will be able to do my build here. (this is not where the tree came through my rig, that was in an RV park not far from here). I think I will be living in a make shift tent while the build takes place. I have no building experience and major health issues so I am thinking the build will take me longer than most. I am hoping to have it framed in so that I can camp out in it while I finish the inside.

    On the Insurance angle, I went on the road always using KOA's insurance which covered both vehicle and trailer. I know to qualify one's rig as an actual RV it needs to be at least framed by an RV builder (think park model builder here I think) to get it legally tagged as an RV for licensing and insuring purposes and I am looking into that angle as well, however, since I live on disability insurance while awaiting a heart transplant I am not sure I could pull of the funding for doing that. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have talked to some park model manufacturers but so far they only seem to want to sell me a park model and not listen to my request -- I want to be able to stay mobile on my own and off the grid as much as possible for me to do; and for a year after my transplant I am going to have to live in the hospital parking lot as I will have to report in everyday for monitering etc. or get a special permit to park on the street at the curb.

    Anyway, thanks for a great site as all the tiny house building sites have been and the information is always helpful and yours is right on point, insuring my home is one area I have been concerned about so thanks for sharing. But, hearing others stories, solutions to challenges and all gives great perspective and helps to hear from all the different folks from all walks of life and how they dealt with their decision for the lifestyle and their own particular build and reasons for including particular things that suit their lifestyle - everyone is so different, but yet so very similar.

    I am going to try and develop a blog on my tear-down and build experience. Anyway, upward and onward and here is to being both scared and excited at the same time. Again, sorry I missed the opportunity to win your DVD, appreciate your website and will be visiting often.