Tiny House Construction Plans Now Available!

Tiny Project Tiny House Construction Plans Now For Sale - Click Here

The Tiny Project is proud to now offer…

Complete Tiny House Construction Plans

These construction plans offer complete blueprints to build your own tiny house — to the exact same specifications as the original Tiny Project house featured on this site.

The plans include almost 40 pages of:

  • Trailer specs, dimensions & modifications
  • Precise framing diagrams w/dimensions
  • Window and door sizes & specs
  • Elevation drawings w/dimensions
  • Detailed floorplans w/dimensions
  • Electrical, plumbing, propane & safety systems design
  • Materials list, including suggested appliances and fixtures
  • Interior finishing suggestions & images
  • Plus — A complete, editable SketchUp model, for you to view, take apart, or alter as you wish

Click here to check out all the details and get yours today!

Preview of Tiny Project Tiny House Construction Plans

Preview of Tiny Project Tiny House Construction Plans


Save hundreds of hours when you purchase these plans!

Countless hours of research, planning, consulting, drafting, and reworking when into the design of this one-of-a-kind house. The price of this complete set of plans is a bargain, considering the hundreds of hours you can save if interested in building this house or a house of similar design.

Get the Plans – Click Here!

“It is with great confidence that recommend Alek as a up and coming professional in the creation of Tiny House living. His do diligence, drawings and construction abilities are excellent. As a licensed construction professional for many decades I have rarely taken notice of such young exceptional talent.” – Gary Bute, TinyHouseSystems.biz


Author: Alek Lisefski