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Tiny House Find: Slide Ranch, CA

For a completely non-tiny house related matter (a casual folk concert in a yurt!), I found myself at Slide Ranch this past weekend. The little ranch blew me away with it's charm and the wonderful teachers and people who work and live there. While taking a quick tour of the place, I was surprised to see a whole slew of tiny houses!

Slide Ranch tiny houses

The ranch is public property (part of Muir Woods), and serves as an educational center for children and young adults. It provides day or overnight field trip learning opportunities for classes and groups of all types and sizes, often focusing on low-income groups and the disadvantaged. Instructors at the ranch teach general outdoor stewardship, and through a variety of activities, show what life is like on an actual working ranch. Their work help kids form a much greater connection to their food, learning to work in harmony with the plants and animals around them. More info here.

Slide Ranch Tiny House

The tiny houses are where ranch staff and teachers live. Apparently most all were built at different times, by various longer-term inhabitants at the ranch. Rumor has it a member of the Grateful Dead was responsible for one of the more creative (but shoddily built) little homes. None of them are on trailer, so not mobile, but they are all unique and cute as can be! Though fairly simple shed-like structures, many feature interesting slanted roofs and even walls, incorporating some fun geometric shapes.

Slide Ranch Tiny Houses

We only had the quickest of peeks into on of the structures, but as far as I can tell, most (or all) do not have plumbing. They are quite small and simple, augmented, I'm sure, by communal bathrooms/showers and a larger community kitchen.

Slide Ranch Tiny House

Go check them out and explore a little. They are open year around.

From their website:

Slide Ranch has a spectacular coastal location and can be found on Highway 1 (Shoreline Highway), just 30 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge, 1.5 miles from Muir Beach Overlook.

As a Park Partner of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Slide Ranch’s 134 acres are open to the public from dawn to dusk for hiking, picnicking and tide pooling.

Slide Ranch beach

You are welcome to explore this beautiful farm, but we ask that you refrain from entering all animal areas unless a staff member is present and available to accompany you. Our organic garden is both a teaching tool for programs and a food source for the 15 staff members who live on the Ranch (so although it looks very appetizing, please don't harvest). We have miles of trails and picnic areas throughout the site and two public outhouse facilities with hand washing stations nearby - it's a wonderful place for a walk and picnic overlooking the ocean!

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  1. I have been learning more and more about this movement from my daughter and her boyfriend about building a Tiny House! I was so amazed I had to do more research and find it very interesting. I want to learn how to build one on a better budget then $30k+, like $6k if anyone can help me?


    Earth Mum