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"Turning Tiny" Book Giveaway!

Turning Tiny - Tiny House Movement BookUnveiled at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree, the epic hardcover edition of Turning Tiny features over 60 leaders of the Tiny House Movement who have come together to embody the spirit of human scale living in one amazing book. Turning Tiny, a collection of stories from some of the most renowned tiny house thought leaders and luminaries.

Some of the authors include:

  • Jay Shafer
  • Dee Williams
  • Andrew & Gabriella Morrison
  • Kent Griswold
  • Deek Diedricksen
  • Andrew Odom
  • Zack Giffin
  • B.A Norrgard
  • Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons
  • Hari Berzins
  • Lee Pera
  • Lina Menard
  • Vina Lustado
  • Christopher and Malissa Tack
  • Sean David Burke
  • And many, many more!

Enter below, and you can win this brand new, hardcover "tiny house bible" as a gift from yours truly.

Here's how to enter (it's super simple!)

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I know: 3 steps is a pain! But it really only takes 15 seconds. Do it now and this movie could be yours!

Selecting a winner

One week from today, on Saturday, November 5th, one winner will be randomly picked from all those who have met all three of the above requirements. I will contact the winner via email to get their shipping address, and will package and send the book right away!

Good Luck!

About Turning Tiny -- From the publisher

This compilation book came about because of the amazing stories I have been following on social media for the past few years. Those stories literally came to life for me at the little event last summer that came to define the tiny house movement and its people: the Tiny House Jamboree of 2015. It was an unbelievable time; magical, and life changing for so many people.  It was like the first family get-together of an entire movement.  Most of us there knew that this was the start of something greater than a singular event or even a “movement”.  Out of the hundreds of stories that came out during the Jamboree at least some had to be shared and even memorialized. Some stories were old, some were being retold with more detail, and some were just starting. How to choose?  Turning Tiny is just a small fraction of them. We knew even that August that we needed something to look back on; a way to relive the stories over and over.  We also needed something to start from.  Who knows where it will go from here. That’s the fun part!

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6 comments on “"Turning Tiny" Book Giveaway!”

  1. yeah i am french and i really would like to win this book, i am sharig on french tiny house facebook page

    1. Sorry, just moved the site to a new host and a few things got lost in the transition. Don't worry, you are still counted. But since there are very few comments, I'm leaving it going another week. Cheers!

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