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Want to try out a tiny house?

If you're like me, you've already committed to building one of these tiny little home-like-things. But for most, I'm sure there is a little hesitancy about the lack of space afforded by tiny house living. Well, for those who want to "try before they buy" -- there's an option for that.

Bayside Bungalow in Olympia Washington

Bayside Bungalow in Olympia Washington

Check out the Bayside Bungalow - at $70/night, it's not only a great alternative to a hotel room, but it's first-hand tiny house experience that can't be beat. I wish I could check it out myself. If you find yourself in Washington, wanting a night or two in Olympia, on the Puget Sound, here's your place to stay!

Even if you hate the idea of building a tiny house for yourself, I'd have to imagine a night in one would be an unforgettable experience (and a great story to tell you friends!).

Do you know of any other tiny houses available for rent? Let me know!

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