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31 Tiny House Plans & Guides for $49!

If you were following this blog last year, you may remember the amazing Tiny Living Bundle Sale of 2014. This year the sale is back even better than before with 31 Tiny Living Plans & Guides for just $49! This package would normally cost $592. But for 5 days only, just in time for the holidays, you can get it all SUPER cheap!

Now might be the best time to get your tiny house plans truly started. Start downsizing, starting researching, start building and just do it!

This sale only lasts 5 days, so hurry up and get yours while you still can!


This year's bundle sale includes tiny house plans and guides from these tiny house pioneers:

  • Macy Miller ( - Tiny House Design, A Comprehensive 101 video course Part 1 (Codes and Foundation) and Part 2 (Construction)
  • Michael Janzen ( - 12 complete tiny house plans (all include a PDF, Sketchup file, and materials worksheet) + Tiny House Floor Plans eBook
  • Kent Griswold ( - 12 issues of Tiny House Magazine (PDF issues 13 - 24)
  • Ethan Waldman ( - A ticket to the new as-yet-unannounced publicly Tiny House Decisions online workshop
  • Betsy and Warren Talbot ( - The Declutter Clinic course
  • Kiva and Jake ( - Design Your Own Tiny House Sketchup Tutorial video course
  • Mike Hudson ( - From Van To Home ebook + an exclusive Ask Me Anything about building and living in a van
  • Hari Berzins ( - Mindful Money eCourse + an exclusive Ask Me Anything about saving and budgeting for a tiny house

All told it’s $592 worth of products for $49.

  • 12 complete tiny house plan sets
  • 13 tiny house magazines
  • 2 eBooks
  • 3 video courses 

Get all this for $49!

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