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stock tank outdoor tub

Tiny home improvements for summer living

It’s been a busy few months with multiple tiny house improvements to better enjoy (and get relief) from the hot Texas summer. Truck camper I’ll talk much more about this in the separate post (stay tuned!), but we’ve built a simple raised bed (with super comfy folding memory foam mattress!) in the back of my F-350 (towing) truck to use for some luxury car camping during several car trips this summer. We’ll be headed to the Tiny House Jamboree in just a couple days — the first outing as truck campers! Here’s a preview. More details to come… Outdoor tub […]

french drain

What to do with greywater from your tiny house

We use a bucket composting toilet (the Humanure Handbook, by Joseph Jenkins is a must read!), so we don’t have sewage or black water. This post covers greywater only (non-sewage waste water from sinks, shower, laundry, etc). If you combine your sewage with your greywater, you need to dispose of that black water properly. The following solutions are NOT applicable to black water (sewage) treatment. Disclaimer: This post does not cover location-specific codes that may determine what can and can’t be done with graywater. Always check with local authorities before attempting any of these solutions. There are many ways to […]

tiny house redwood decking

Tiny houses are better with folding redwood decks!

After just completing my tiny home build, I felt I’d be happy never building anything again! I’d had enough construction for quite a while. Recently, 7 months later, that began to change. I got the itch to build something new — a perfect opportunity to add the deck that was part of my original plans. I had decided to wait and add the deck after the long-distance towing was far behind us, and once I was sure I’d be settled in one spot for a while. With an opportunity to borrow a neighbor’s truck, now was the time! (click smaller […]


Getting Settled — House Leveling, Dog Fence, Compost Pile, Etc.

What’s new this week or so? I leveled the trailer on the sloped, soft, sandy earth. I added a PVC conduit through the wall for incoming Cat5 Ethernet cable. I built a compost pile out of old pallets and concrete blocks found on the property. I built Anya a fenced in area to play! I created temporary drainage for our graywater, until we have time to dig a french drain or distribute water directly to trees for watering. I also leveled the ground an re-constructed a small shed in a different location on the property, which we will now be […]


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