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Getting Settled -- House Leveling, Dog Fence, Compost Pile, Etc.

What's new this week or so?

I leveled the trailer on the sloped, soft, sandy earth.


I added a PVC conduit through the wall for incoming Cat5 Ethernet cable.


I built a compost pile out of old pallets and concrete blocks found on the property.


I built Anya a fenced in area to play!


I created temporary drainage for our graywater, until we have time to dig a french drain or distribute water directly to trees for watering.


I also leveled the ground an re-constructed a small shed in a different location on the property, which we will now be using for bike storage. (Not pictured).

Anya and I took a great walk in the Laguna Wetlands Preserve.


And we've got great daily views of the sky, trees and wildlife right in our yard!


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2 comments on “Getting Settled -- House Leveling, Dog Fence, Compost Pile, Etc.”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos of your new home location. Upcycling leftover materials and securing your home for a stable tiny life! May the light of the Winter Solstice fill your life~

  2. THANK YOU! My wife and I bought a piece of land that has a cabin on it already with a fiber connection going into it, and although I could bridge some WiFi AC for wireless gigabit into our tiny house, I really wanted to run Cat6 directly into the tiny house from the existing cabin, but I didn't know how to run the ethernet into the house.

    Your implementation looks fantastic! I'll totally be stealing that from you. In fact, it's kind of creepy how similar our situations are.