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Choosing a tiny house building plan

Choosing a tiny house building plan is a big part of your journey toward living in a tiny house. But how do you pick one? Ryan and Amy at The Tiny Life just created an awesome resource to help make the process of choosing a tiny house plan much easier. They only reviewed tried and true plans for houses that have been built and lived in, and mine is among the plans they reviewed!

Ryan and Amy laid out 16 criteria for what to look for in different tiny house plans, from road height to roof type to number of lofts, and laid them out in a chart so you can quickly compare the features of different plans at a glance. They made recommendations for which plans suit which needs best, and how easy they are for new builders to follow.

The page also features an in-depth review of my plan. They even included an interview with me so you can hear about how I went about designing the tiny house, and which folks I think will benefit most from my house plans, whether it’s singles, couples, families, or retirees.

So how did I stack up? Check out the plans page here, and read their in-depth review of my plans here.

If you like what you see, go get my set of tiny house building plans and get started building today!

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One comment on “Choosing a tiny house building plan”

  1. I've always wanted to get a tiny home. I've never really wanted to live extravagantly. I'll be sure to look for a building plan for one! Thank you for sharing.