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Colored walls, built-in storage, fixtures, and appliance installation

As usual,  a lot has happened in the past couple weeks. I don't have much time to write about all the details, but I'll leave you with a few informative tid-bits and a bunch of illustrative pictures! Here we go...

First thing after getting the flooring in last week was panting the unfinished walls in the kitchen and bathroom. Since the rest of the house is white (or unfinished wood), here's where we chose to add a little color. The kitchen is a gray-ish blue and the bathroom a light orangy-yellow color.


both colors side-by-side


kitchen first coat


other kitchen wall


a few remaining white walls


kitchen is blue!


warm bathroom color


Love the way the blue looks against the beetle-kill pine

After the painting was done, I got started installing some little appliances and fixtures, including the cutest little sink ever, and an exhaust fan for the bathroom. The exhaust fan was simple, but the sink needed an unusual, tight fitting, winding p-trap, since the sink's drain pipe was so close to the wall to begin with.


exhaust fan


tiny sink for a tiny bathroom

In the kitchen, some of you may have seen my awesome little stainless steel marine-style range. Next to it is a cool little slide-out pantry shelf, and above the sink, a pot hanger rack to hold pots, pans, and their lids. I've also installed some LED light strips above the sink and stove for efficient kitchen lighting. These plug in into outlets placed high up on the walls, specifically for this purpose, but are on switches to function like normal lights.


range and pantry slide-out

pot hanger

pot hanger

LED kitchen light

LED kitchen light

There's also been some great progress in the "living area." Duncan has been creating some amazing custom shelving for me, both higher-up on the walls, wrapping the length and width of the "room" above window height, and below what will be a desk and fold-up table. We've also got the desk in place. It's cut from an old wood table I saved just to re-purpose for the tiny houses. We managed to cut this one 3x6' table-top in a way to create the new desk top, folding-up table, and a smaller fold-down wall-mounted standing desk -- so each of them will match. The warm color of this aged pine matches the slightly darker, more yellow hue of loft beams and the cedar outside.

I've also got another pantry slider in one of the closets, and in the last photo here you'll see the hinges of the completed hinged wall section, which can open to create enough space to install my little washer/dryer combo, and to get in there to service it in the future.


shelving made form re-milled, 2x6s


lower built-in shelving


It's a mess -- the re-purposed desk!



hinged wall section


another pantry slider

Last but not least, I've got a good start on installing fixtures, including the loft light and ceiling fan. I've also got a latch for the sliding door, seen below.


modern ceiling fan with LED light


flush-mount loft light

sliding door latch

sliding door latch

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