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Considering Efficiency: Tiny House products for space-saving, good looking design

What makes a Tiny Home efficient? Is it the idea that less is more, or a principle understanding that efficiency can make spaces better for the things we already own?

If we chose the efficiency argument, what products give us an upper hand on saving space, maximizing daily use, and making sure it still looks good? There are a lot of MacGyver fixes in the world of Tiny Homes, but products that keep efficiency top priority, are products that combine things we may have individual spaces for in a larger home.

Being an efficient, stylish designer takes hunting for products that may be ordinary, sure, but it's also incorporating some products that are on the edge of technology, too. Here are five products that accomplish space-saving and functionality efficiency, while keeping things looking like you didn't use a roll of duck tape and some nylon string.

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Kitchen Sink

sinkBeing in a Tiny Home, you may be thinking about how something looks in a space, but every day usability is the most important. Having a single sink for a home means that it won't be just your dish washing, hand sanitizing kitchen sink; this sink is your go-to spot for all things dirty. That's why a stainless steel sink is the right sink for any Tiny Home. Durable, stain resistant, and can have an under installment, like a food disposal, which makes for great composting.  But not ever tiny home has enough room for a large basin sink, or an island to put that sink, either. Optimizing your counter space with the correct sink, with the right fit in the space can leave you with some options: single or double basin? One drain or two? Steel or porcelain? So to help you out, here is a sink on for a great price, that will fit in any tiny home.

American Standard Prevoir Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel - $312.00

More kitchen sinks at

All-in-One Ironing station

ironingKeeping things all together and in an order is the key to saving time. They need to be accessible, organized, and in a way that isn't an eye sore. Finding products that combine all of those keys is difficult, but finding a product like an all-in-one ironing station is a huge step forward in making your tiny home more efficient. You could put up a set of shelves, a cabinet, or take up your closet with an ironing board and all the fixings, or you could find a product that gives you everything in one. Check our this all-in-one ironing center on that gives you an option to save space, and look freshly pressed.

Holly & Martin Clara White Wall Mount Ironing Center - $229.99

Racks & Hangers

towel-rackWhen wall space is limited, like in your Tiny Home, how do we take that limited space and maximize the ability of it? We all own jackets, towels, scarves, hats, and so many other things that need hung up. Where do we put all of that stuff? All those wet towels or dripping swim trunks from a summer day spent on the lake? Using hangers, especially stacked, swiveling hangers solves a lot of those issues: it saves space, looks good, and doesn't mark your wall up with more holes than swiss cheese. Choose either one of these great hangers from or racks for better usability, quality look, and all in all, keeping you efficient.

Smedbo GK128 Life Swing Arm Triple Hook Polished Chrome - $58.50

Smedbo Wall Mounted 4 Swivel Arm Towel Bar, Polished Chrome - $182.40

Kitchen Table

bjursta-wall-mounted-drop-leaf-table-black__0140818_PE300817_S4Being comfortable pushing your chair out and standing up, you will need a minimum of 36 inches between the table edge and the wall.  In a tiny home, that can be a lot of space. How do you choose a table that still gives the gathering place for any family meal, the space for any craft, the spot for deep thinking, efficiency, while making it also comfortable? That takes a table with some special ability. It has to be able to grow and shrink on demand. This table found on gives you the chance to be big and small, to grow and shrink, to be comfortable or efficient.

Bjursta Wall-Mounted drop-leaf table - $39.99

Touch of Music

bulbLet's face it, large, wire strewn stereos are out. Building your Tiny Home doesn't need to involve running wires left and right, up and down through the walls to make sure your speakers are able to make it everywhere. It's a waste of your time and resources that could be put towards something else. The  Bluetooth, wifi, streaming, and every digital way of listening to music are in and staying. With a touch of modern, you can stick these bulb speakers into any light bulb socket. Screw it in and start listening, leave the space your stereo took up for cooler things, like your tiny home family picture. Finding innovative products is worth the search, you can save space, time, money, and keep your pad style updated.

PLAYBULB Lite - LED light bulb with Bluetooth speaker - $39.99

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