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Open (tiny) House Video Tour and Images

Our open house this past Sunday was a huge success! Over 35 people attended, not including a few kids and a dog. Every one was very excited about the house (and tiny houses in general) and full of questions and enthusiasm. Many were planning to build their own tiny house soon, and a few were already living in a tiny house.

Jay Shafer

Thank You, Jay!

On top of that, we had a special guest: Jay Shafer, father of the tiny house movement, brought his entire family (wife and two kids) to the open house. He stayed the entire time, and answered many of the tough questions that people asked (about zoning, codes, etc.) Jay -- I can't thank you enough for being there. It was a lot of fun, and I'm sure it made the event far better for the attendees to have access to such a precious resource like yourself. Thank you, Jay!

Tiny House Tour

Our dog felt she needed to help me answer questions!

I also have to thank my partner, Anjali, for being so helpful and supportive during the event. Not only did she make tea and popcorn for everyone, but she answered a lot of tough questions about how tiny house living can affect a relationship, and things to think of when living with your partner in such a small space. (More on this topic here). Even our dog, Anya, participated. We tried to lock her in our our host's larger house, but she escaped several times. She wanted to be a part of the action, and wouldn't take no for an answer!

I was so busy answering questions and giving tours that I did not have time to take a single photo or video. Luckily, several of our guests took photos and videos for me! First I'd like to thank Isha for creating this fantastic tiny house video tour. He captured a walk-through of the interior of the house, plus nearly the entire Q&A session outside. For anyone who missed this event, this video is a great recap.

Tiny House Tour + Q&A Video

Many people have also shared photos which they took during the open house. A bunch of them can be found below, and more may be available at the event meetup page, as people continue to share them. Thank you to Chrystie, Deborah, Pauline, Michael, Sheri and Tim for sharing all these great photos.

While it's not likely we'll have another open house any time soon, I am planning to create regular tiny house meetups (monthly, perhaps) where anyone interested can come and discuss things like tiny house communities, zoning and codes, building techniques, etc. To be informed of these events, please join this Tiny House Meetup Group.

Tiny Project Open House Photo Gallery

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