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Our lowest sale price ever -- tiny house plans for only $150!

We don't want the cost of tiny house plans to prevent people for building their dream. So, for a limited time only, we've placed our award-winning Tiny Project tiny house plans on sale for the lowest price we've ever offered -- just $150 -- giving you 40% off the normal price.

The price will never get lower than this, so now is your chance to save big and start building your tiny lifestyle!

All the details are taken care of when you buy these plans

Save hundreds of hours and possibly thousands of dollars by using a good set of plans as your starting point.

These time-tested plans include almost 40 pages of:

  • Trailer specs, dimensions & modifications
  • Precise framing diagrams w/dimensions
  • Window and door sizes & specs
  • Elevation drawings w/dimensions
  • Detailed floor plans w/dimensions
  • Electrical, plumbing, propane & safety systems design
  • Materials list, including suggested appliances and fixtures
  • Interior finishing suggestions & images
  • Plus — A complete, editable SketchUp model, for you to view, take apart, or alter as you wish
Now this is a plan I could live with! You did an amazing job." – Charlene

Act Now -- and save $100!

Here's a preview of what's included:

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I'm happy to answer!

Tiny Project Tiny House Construction Plans

Your plans are very helpful in my build, even though my design is substantially different... well worth the price" – Michael

Get the sale price now -- only $150

Winner of Sunset Magazine’s Small Space Big Dreams Award!

And with countless glowing reviews from real people like you!

sunset magazine award winner

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