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Progress Update: ordered Mac-Lander trailer!

Another major step in getting closer to starting my tiny house build: I placed and order for a custom trailer today!

The manufacturer I ordered from is Mac-Lander. I want to use as many local products as possible, and Mac-Lander is just a very short drive from me, in Milton, IA. For anyone interested, another good Iowa manufacturer is Stateside Trailers. I would have used them, as they were helpful in answering my questions via email, but they are farther from me (SW Iowa) and needed 5 weeks instead of 4 to get the trailer built.


Mac-Lander Trailer Specs

Update: It turns out they are also willing and able to attach the custom brackets I'll need to bolt the sub-floor framing to the trailer, as I talked about here. I'm so excited that I'll be able to get a trailer made to my exact specifications. Thank you John Mayberry of Mac-Lander for answering my many questions and helping me through the ordering process.

Here are the specs of the trailer ordered:

Frame Medium Series Flatbed Trailer - drop-axles added

  • Deck Length - 20'
  • Overall Width - 102”
  • Width Between Fenders - 81”
  • Axles - U-Lube 2 – 6,000#
  • Electric Brakes On All Axles
  • Tire Size - 225/75R15 Radial LRD
  • Hitch Size - 2-5/16” Ball Coupler
  • Hitch Height - 18”
  • 4" drop-axels for 20" deck height
  • GVWR - 9,990#
  • Payload Capacity (Average) - 7,400#
  • Floor - 2” Treated Wood
  • Front Jack - 7,000#
  • DOT Lighting
  • Break-Away Kit with Battery
  • Cross Members 3” Channel on 24” Center
  • Full Primer & Paint
  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Sealed Beam Tail Lights

Also, thanks to Craig Hull at Stateside for offering advise on brackets and experience with tiny houses.

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7 comments on “Progress Update: ordered Mac-Lander trailer!”

  1. Hi,
    I need help! I am starting from scratch and we are in the process of selling everything to fund our project. So, we need a trailer as well and we are in Nv. How can I find a place closer to me? Google? Thanks, excited for you and me too!

    1. Yes, I'd just google trailer manufacturers in your area. That's what I did. Many places will sell trailers, but not manufacturer them. If you want to make any modifications to the basic flatbed trailer they offer, it's best to work directly with the manufacturer.

  2. Hello Alek. Love your blog! One trailer question. I am starting to outline my tiny house budget. I have extremeley similar trailer needs so I was just curious how much your custom trailer cost you. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Katelynn - Our trailer costs us $3,250. We got a good deal with Mac-lander matching competitor pricing and throwing in some modifications for free, so I can't guarantee the same price from that company or any other. I'd budget at least $3,500. I t depends on where you live as well, since in some places costs may be generally higher (California compared to Iowa, for instance).

  3. It is nice post for custom trailers. I am so glad to visit your post. Thanks for sharing a wonderful post.

  4. Hi Alek, thank you for this post. I'm also starting to build my own tiny house and I'm trying to wrap my head around whether to go with something custom like you suggested or whether is nice fit (and if you would suggest installing custom brackets like you did despite this trailer having a steel extension)? Given your experience, are there any red flags that you see in the trailer I shared? Thanks a bunch.

  5. Hi Vlad -- I think that is probably a very nice trailer. I'm sure it would work. You would not need to add the custom brackets if the steel extension that is part of this trailer accomplishes the same thing: that is to support the weight of 8' wide framing and to create a way to securely bolt the subfloor and walls directly to the trailer frame. The flange or added steel on this trailer will probably work well for this. You'll just have to drill holes for bolts (unless they do that for you).