Tiny House Trailer Specs and Mods

I’m shopping for trailer quotes from manufacturers in Iowa, and realizing it’s somewhat difficult to convey exactly what I need.

For anyone interested, here’s my list of desires in a custom trailer.

  • Dual-axel, flatbed
  • Total width (including wheels) of 8 feet – frame/deck width approx 82″
  • 20 foot long deck (or 22′ or 24′)
  • 10,000 or more GVWR (2 5k+ axles)
  • Electric breaks and lights
  • Drop-axel for approx. 18″ deck height (instead of standard 20″-24″)
  • No dovetail, ramps, side rails, or any other features (wood decking is even optional)
click to enlarge - custom bracket diagram

click to enlarge – custom bracket diagram

Now here’s the tricky part, something I realize I may have to have done at a welding shop, instead of asking it from the trailer manufacturer:

I want custom brackets welded to either side of the trailer frame, to effectively increase the width of the frame in some places (intervals everywhere but the wheel wells, of course) to the full 8 feet. I want to be able to bolt my sub-floor framing to the trailer from the bottom and the sides, and would like a solid steel bracket in place to do this (instead of trying to bolt through the trailer decking, or welding on flimsy, unfinished brackets to the frame, that do not span the 8 foot width, and only allow bolting up from the bottom). This may not make much sense in words, but the handy diagram to the right should make it pretty clear.

I’ve consulted a few books on the subject, and tried to gather as much info as possible from other people building processes, but I’m not completely sure this is the easiest way to go about it.

How are you attaching your sub-floor to your trailer?

Any ideas are more than welcome!

Author: Alek Lisefski