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Seeking parking spot for tiny house in Marin County or Bay Area, CA

With construction getting nearer to completion, we're looking for a place to eventually call home. Please help us find some lovely people to host us in their back yard or a piece of land they have available. Some basic needs and info is below, but please see this page for many more details.

More about our parking/hosting needs


Ideally Petaluma (Marin County) / Sebastopol / Santa Rosa area.

Another option for us would be a bit farther South into the Bay Area, ideally in Berkeley


Starting sometime mid-November to mid-December - ongoing after that for as long as you will have us.


  • Simple power cord and water hose hookup from main house house or existing utilities
  • Place to dump graywater or create french drain or other filtration/drainage
  • Small corner of yard to create a compost pile (if you don't already have one)
  • Wifi internet or broadband connect to which I can install a wireless router.

"Payment" we can offer

  • Money to cover water and electrical utility use
  • Monthly rent payment TBD
  • Help with gardening / yard work
  • House / pet / child sitting
  • Other work/trade or barter agreement for web design or other service

Contact Us Interested in learning more or potentially hosting us and our house?

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3 comments on “Seeking parking spot for tiny house in Marin County or Bay Area, CA”

  1. Were you successful in finding a spot for your tiny? I am also searching for a spot in Marin county 🙂

    1. I was able to, yes, but this was many years ago, and I was in Sonoma County. Marin will probably be harder to find, but it's still possible. I have a friend who is parked somewhere in Marin.