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How Sustainable are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses have their advantages for the environment. Besides their tiny footprint on the land they occupy, a tiny house can definitely help you keep your carbon footprint tiny, too. Many of the creative space-saving and self-sufficient concepts used in the design of tiny houses have sustainability benefits that can be applied to larger homes as well. If you are building a home that is 1000sqft or larger then you could think about hiring a LEED consultant to help you get your home LEED Certified. In case you don’t know, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating […]


Considering Efficiency: Tiny House products for space-saving, good looking design

What makes a Tiny Home efficient? Is it the idea that less is more, or a principle understanding that efficiency can make spaces better for the things we already own? If we chose the efficiency argument, what products give us an upper hand on saving space, maximizing daily use, and making sure it still looks good? There are a lot of MacGyver fixes in the world of Tiny Homes, but products that keep efficiency top priority, are products that combine things we may have individual spaces for in a larger home. Being an efficient, stylish designer takes hunting for products […]


Deciding on tiny house windows – what are the factors?

I’m still shopping around for the best windows for my house. There are many important factors to consider when choosing windows. Below are thoughts on some of my primary concerns. Energy efficiency Window R-values can range from effectively zero, to something ridiculously high like R20 with triple-pane glass, other glass enhancements like films and glazings, plus a much more insulated frame made from better materials. I certainly can’t afford the top of the line, but I do care a lot about efficiency. For my tiny house, I’m looking at double pane windows, with at least the basic Low-E coating, and […]