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Gary Bute

Introducing Gary Bute of Tiny House Systems

Gary played an important role in helping me design The Tiny Project house — he consulted on some general design ideas and helped formulate an electrical/plumbing plan including wiring diagrams needed for my electrician to make sense of it all. He’s a great guy — extremely knowledgeable and experienced — who continues to seek work helping others to design their tiny houses. If you are in need of some tiny house design consulting, look no further than Gary Bute. For those of you who don’t know, his company is called Tiny House Systems. Here’s a little more about Gary and […]


Foamy foam foam! (a closed-cell miracle)

This last week was a great one. In preparation for having spray foam installed this weekend, I had a few odds and ends to wrap up before they were forever locked in. I tested all switches and outlets to make sure my electrical system was solid. I also added some blocking to give myself more surface area to screw into when installing kitchen cabinets, shelving, and my wall-mounted bathroom hand sink. Once done I did my best to document the electrical and plumbing systems with the following photos.   The exterior of the house got that much closer to finished […]

Looking back

Wall panels done! – ready for cedar siding.

All the metal wall panels are now in place, along with the various “C” and “Z” flashings needed around windows and the vertical and horizontal edges of the metal. On each long wall of the house, 8 of the 20 feet is covered with a vertical band of metal roofing material in order to break up what I think would be too much cedar monotony without. I really love the way it looks! It’s a great modern/industrial compliment to the warm-toned cedar siding that will cover the rest of the house. It was much more work than expected getting each […]

North wall

Electrical almost done + finally starting roofing and siding!

More good progress on the Tiny Project house this past week. Thanks to a very long day of work from a great local electrician (and now friend), Brian, we’ve got almost all of the electrical work done. You may remember from near the beginning of the process that I put many of the wires in the floor, so getting everything hooked up now was lot easier since we didn’t need to run many new wires through the walls. The most complicated part was probably wiring the 3 tripple-gang switch boxes, including 4 3-way switches. But thankfully I left all that […]

Sketch of South wall framing

Progress update: trailer, systems design, indoor build space & materials quotes

The past couple of weeks have been very busy, though I haven’t started building yet. Here’s what’s happened in Tiny Project land: Trailer I visited Mac-Lander in Milton, IA to see my trailer as it was being constructed and to discuss a few options to complete it with my desired modifications. We decided on the addition of 3 feet of steel frame off the rear of the trailer so that the lights can be moved to the back and will not be covered by a cantilevered porch overhang. They will also be adding some custom brackets (as discussed here) to […]