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Throwback video tour and interview by Tiny House Expedition -- Just Released!

Wow, check out this throwback surprise! This video tour and interview was just released by Tiny House Expedition, from footage taken more than 4 years ago when we were in Austin, TX.

Tiny House Expedition says:

"We love how the space limitations of tiny home spur creative design solutions. Alek Lisefski’s truly remarkable 160 sqft tiny house, called The Tiny Project, is a perfect example of that. Enjoy this throwback tour & get inspired! Also learn what it was like for his girlfriend, Lee, to move in with him. Alek designed and built this stunning 160 sqft (240 sqft with loft) tiny house back in 2013 for $30,000. Ultimately he created an incredibly well-thought-out layout, full of practical features and creative storage solutions. Like in his super functional kitchen, spacious loft, and 2 home office spaces."

Time sure does fly by! We both looks so different now and this seems forever ago. I really love that dear old Anya (AKA "Pretty Bear") makes an appearance. We really miss her and loved seeing her on this video. Enjoy!

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One comment on “Throwback video tour and interview by Tiny House Expedition -- Just Released!”

  1. Best way to find a location for my next Tiny House? I live in West Marin (California) and have been living in a 8-1/2’x 27’ Tiny House since just before Covid. I’m getting a new house that’ll be 10x38 and am not quite sure how to find my next parking space. Tasteful flyer hand delivered to a front gate@? (We use post office boxes out here, so no mailboxes).